A. O. Smith Reviews - A. O. Smith Scam or Legit

Website: PO Box 245008 Milwaukee 53224 United States

7 months ago

You may get to see a 5 star rating of the products on amazon or flipkart or any other online portal but trust me the company is totally disgusting.
The product they are selling is just okay. Nothing great about it and the service they are providing is the Worst. If you purchase any product of this company and call them for the service of the product or for anything, first of all you won't be able to get in touch with the agent. Secondly, if you are lucky and get to speak to the agent then they will take your request and sleep over it.
You will wait forever and nobody is going to come to your place.
I have requested for the service of the Water Heater and it's been more than 6 months now that no body has visited. Whenever I call them it takes me about half an hour to get to speak to them and they tell me that the request is open and I will get a call back from the executive/engineer whenever he is going to come.
I have been waiting for 6 months now and the engineer hasn't come to my place yet.

You can escalate or send an email to anyone in this company and nobody actually bothers. I don't even think that they have anybody to handle complaints or escalations. Nobody cares in this company. They are just selling their below average products and making money, that is it nothing else.

1 year ago

A.O.Smith I guess just put in money in making their products and has given ZERO budget to the rest departments like after sales and customer care. Bought A.O Smith Z8 water purifier THE Mighty Z8 WITH ART TECH. But the damn thing stop working after JUST 5 months and after repeated complaints a tech came and changed
1. ART Filter Cartridge
2. Some Connectors

And Z8 worked for just 1 Day and it again stopped working. Its been 3 days and no now has come to check the damn thing.

I am now having only one option. I am going to file a case in consumer court.


1 year ago

After testing the water coming out of my water heater by ao smith'
I found that the water coming out of this system was toxic.
called their customer service and they said they really don't care.
So my dad and I are getting a rash from AO Smtih water heater and the company really doesn't care WOW.
1 year ago

Gas water heater parts don't last. Very poor reviews on Loews, wish I had seen them prior to mine being installed 7 years ago. The entire digital water temperature sensor has to replaced at a cost/unit age factor that doesn't make sense. So, we have to buy a new one. The company wins no matter what I do, but at my loss. Very disappointed in a formerly good company.
3 years ago

delivered a new tumble dryer, very quick delivery

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