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Website: Loggerweg 5 Rostock 18055 Germany

9 months ago

I found it easy to find out all the information I needed to make my booking. I could see what was included, look at each deck to pick the cabin I wanted and even add specific requests.
Although 2021 excursions are not yet available i could browse the 2020 ones to get an idea of the options and prices.
I am looking forward to my cruise.
10 months ago

Great, very easy website to use. Plenty of information available about what's included and what's not. Only thing that might make it easier is advice on the deposit at the end. I chose the invoice option and didn't find out what the deposit was until I received the email.
11 months ago

Once I figured out how the website worked, it was eady to navigate. My only gripe is that there's no option of Ms or Miss under title.
1 year ago

Good service
1 year ago

Easy to follow the web site booking forms straight forward
1 year ago

Easy to use. Liked being able to select all our cabins from a diagram and at the same time.
1 year ago

We needed family connecting cabins. There were not available online, but after talking to Support they have managed it quite fast. Excellent
1 year ago

The process is fairly easy. But, on occasion, I've had to write or call for a clarification or to correct a mistake.
The written responses usually clear up the problem.
The people on the phone have always been cheery and very easy to talk with. They have explained items which puzzle me quickly and accurately.
1 year ago

easy but lack of where is the port at Lyon
1 year ago

Good experience
I didn't have any problems
Everything was clear
1 year ago

The Arosa Aqua river cruiser is a great experience. The boat is spotless. The cabins are a good size for a river boat and very well appointed.

The food is buffet style and very good 鈥?especially the first day brunch.

The waiter served dining with wine was even better.

All the staff on the boat are wonderful.

All the markets visited were perfection 鈥?especially Strasbourg,

The only improvement would be shuttle busses to the markets rather than just expensive tours and more clarity on the distance from moorings to the market.

1 year ago

Lack of information on transportation from Munich to port city and back I鈥檓 still guessing. Emailed the company still no response. When i was at the at the end of booking it said it did not go through and then I seen on my Email. What鈥檚 that?
1 year ago

I have no way to call out of the US so when having questions was unable to address them. I was booking to get the special that had to be booked by 11/30. I had everything completed and the computer kept working and not completing. At the end it gave me the message to call in as there was a problem. Well couldn't call and email was of no use so I wasn't able to take advantage of the E100 per person discount, very disappointing. Having a US number to help would be nice.
1 year ago

With my daughter in Germany and with me in the USA, we were able to book online while talking to each other by phone It was easy to do after researching where we wanted to go and the time we wanted to travel. It was also very helpful that the web site was available in both German and English.
Looking forward to our trip.
1 year ago

The ordering process at A-ROASA site is straihtforward and clear.
Question sent to A-ROASA service mail was promptly and clearly answered, with all relevant info added.
This in addition to eccelllent experience on last year cruise on Nothern Rhein with A-ROSA SILVA.
1 year ago

I have been a regular customer of the company for several years. In 2019, unfortunately, I could not pick up cruise with A-ROSA on my vacation dates. We went jo sea cruise… and felt the difference. My conclusion: if there is opportunity, do not hesitate to make a choice in favor A_ROSA. The level of service, the quality of food and drinks are much higher. The beauty of the scenery, which can be admired from the ship, parking in the center of the city – this is distinguishes of river cruises. The comfort and size of the cabin are the same. A_ROSA ships also give the opportunity to use saunas, Jacuzzi and gym without long waiting. Separately I would like to note friendliness of personnel. A big plus for passengers with children is the possibility of accommodation a child up to 15 years with one adult at no extra charge. On-line booking is very convenient thanks to good navigation, payment through the site is always reliable. See you soon!
1 year ago

Easy to use site, quick response to emails and super nice agents. I love the booking experience and look forward to the actual cruise.
1 year ago

Site easy to navigate and make booking.
1 year ago

to be more customer-friendly, especially if Arosa is considering diversifying and attracting more international customers, the website could be more informative, for example stating more clearly upfront the differences between normal and international cruises, or information about availability and location of connecting cabins. This will give more assurance to customers signing up for the cruise.
Otherwise, the follow up after booking has been made are prompt and comprehensive. Thank you.
1 year ago

Nice interface, easy to use.

Just a minor comment. As I have bought my own flight, and would like to ask A-Rosa to help to book the departure train to another country. The system do not allow me to book only departure train.

1 year ago

Very friendly
1 year ago

Very easy to booking! Nice to choose cabin and its' 3d viewing also nice 3d viewing of the entire ship!
1 year ago

With online booking the computer makes no difference between
good or new customers.
I mean, a good customer in my case (25 trips booked with A-ROSA in 19 years).
When I want to make a new booking online for myself, even a few
months in advance no cabine of my choice (cat D) is free, and then
a few weeks before departure the cabine is suddently free???
But then I have already booked my rivercruise at another company
G PAULUS (Clubnummer G12318709)
1 year ago

All cool. Payment don鈥檛 in time.
1 year ago

Logical and clear reservation application – thank You!

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