A/S ScanNet Reviews - A/S ScanNet Scam or Legit

Website: H酶jvangen 4 Skanderborg 8660 Denmark
7553 3500

2 years ago

Absolutely inkompetent amateurs. O support at all, had to use third party assistance. *Want acces to your E-mails? Use your Email to look for a solution!* The single most stupid support I've ever met!!
3 years ago

On a very busy workday last week – my email account stopped working. This has happened before and has easily been solved by contacting ScanNet. I immediately called their support department and this time it proved very difficult to determine what the actual problem was. It took the most of a day but the service from ScanNet was fantastic and in the end, finally everything was working perfectly again.
5 years ago

Super service 🙂

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