A1 Hero The Party Performers Reviews - A1 Hero The Party Performers Scam or Legit


4 years ago

Don't use A1 Hero The Party Performers!

Terrible customer service – they threatened to leave my son's 5th birthday party (May 14th, 2016) as we had to deal with a parent emergency and we didn't get them from their change room on time and pretty much ruined the day for us. Our friends and family and the staff of the venue saw how awful they treated us. Even "Darth Vader", his partner apologized for how Oliver, the owner behaved.

Unprofessional and despicable attitudes – no leeway for bumps in the road. Give me a break – it's a kids party and they are not Hollywood stars, but pretty much have the attitudes of one. They refused to call my husband by his name and referred to him as roadie only. They also made passive aggressive remarks during the show aimed at my husband and other guests.

To make matters worse, the golf course where we had the party, just informed us this morning that they punched a hole in one of the lockers!

Sorry to say, we were excited, but would never recommend Oliver Cosme and his company who take themselves too seriously and damage property. It's unfortunate that they are the only gig in London, but next time I would spend a little more and hire outside of London. Don't use them, I told all the parents at the party, at my kids' schools and will be spreading the word. PLEASE SHARE!

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