A1 SolarStore Reviews - A1 SolarStore Scam or Legit

Website: Northeast 135th Street 2505 North Miami 33181 United States

7 months ago

Excellent price, great panel packaging. I got half a pallet n=5. The phone call from A1 confirmed the order and the ship date. Expected arrival and a call from the trucker was anticipated and timely. The offload was easy, no damage, no fuss, great deal and excellent logistical support for 270# delivery. Awesome deal with delivery right to the driveway. Highly recommend this cali based outfit. – Cheers!
1 year ago

Great place! Customer service was really knowledgeable and friendly, and definitely went extra mile. Not only the prices are fair but they also take time to educate you on the product best suiting your needs. A friend recommended A1 to me, and I'm passing it on!
1 year ago

Good prices and choice of solar panels!

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