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Website: Lassallestra脽e 9 Wien 1020 Austria

11 months ago

The good, the bad and the ugly (borrowed from the movie name):
– the good: I am a new customer, installation date quickly set and respected. Internet up and running quickly and so far (5 days) reliably.
– the bad: the installers removed the cover plate on the wall and had no replacements to cover the adjacent sockets. There was no user guide with the modem.
– the ugly: many things:
* wrong home address used for mailing from A1 with passwords, although home address is correctly entered in A1 database
* received yesterday 2 text messages, that callback for support has been registered. Since more than 23 hours (!) no call back from A1
* user manual for modem (H268N) not found on A1 website
* no password given to logon to WLAN box, no info found on A1 website (luckily Google search helped: default is no password needed, just admin as user name)
* Search for help on a1-servicecenter: page "beste WLAN Tipps" link to "A1 WLAN Box configuration": page not found
* Search for help on a1-servicecenter: page "beste WLAN Tipps" link "Extern auf Modem zugreifen": page not found
* Other pages under A1 WLAN Box Configuration also not existing
11 months ago

I do not recommend this company. I bought a simcard in Innsbruck because the staff in the store promised me that I was going to be able to use it in Germany. Here in Germany is useless (no internet, no calls and no sms), I contacted the customer support service to get help with this, and they told me just to go to the store to complain and ended the chat, without any help. This is a whole company looking for steal your money. Please take care and avoid it!
1 year ago

Leaving them. Poor service, patronizing service people on the phone, absolutely worst experience I've had as a customer. It seemed as if they're paying me and not the other way around. Impossible. Professional customer relations and service in Austria is non-existent.
1 year ago

they only take money. there is no way to even contact them by email. the support chat does not work too. rude to clients.
1 year ago

The worst home internet service I have had in my life. My contract was until February, and internet suddenly stopped working on the 31st of December, because of mistake of their employee. I called their hotline but the lady said she couldn't do anything and that I have to wait until January 2nd. But I needed internet both on the New year eve, and on 1st January for work, so I had to spend 15 euro to buy gigabytes of internet on the phone. And nobody from the company even apologized for their mistake.
1 year ago

The worst service ever
I have never seen such a bad service.
They are getting money for a service which they are not providing to me and when I called them they offered a worse solution which forces me to sign another 2 year contract.
I can't wait the day my contracts ends so I can find a real internet provider not such a looser like A1
1 year ago

A1 has been my WORST experience.. they take money than they should.. the said they鈥檒l credit it to me on the next payment and the next month they take again more money Which they can鈥檛 explain where it came from without my authorization.. People on the service line don鈥檛 speak English (if you don鈥檛 speak English don鈥檛 get a customer service job in a city like vienna) .. they keep me on hold forever, last time the lady hang up on my call just because she didn鈥檛 want to answer my questions, SO UNPROFESSIONAL… on the shop most of the times don鈥檛 solve my problems which have been plenty since I signed up a contract with them, every month there is a different problem.. WORST PHONE COMPANY EVER…. I don鈥檛 recommend it to anyone.
1 year ago

They are a good option for me, I like most of the shop's I have been to and the staff was helpful most of the time. The phone support is decent and I experience that they are working on making it better.
1 year ago

Horrible company. For example, if you go over your monthly package costs, they will charge you immediately and if you don't pay immediately, they will turn your phone off. Even worse, they force you to pay WITHOUT providing you an invoice, so you can see your charges only after 2 weeks of PREpaying them. So, in essence, they can charge whatever they want and forcing you to prepay without knowing for what exactly. This should be illegal!
1 year ago

Worst company ever.
2 years ago

A1 is providing the worst customer service ever. Since they took over Mtel in Bulgaria the services are awfull.
2 years ago

The worst experience that I had with a communication service after Vodafone. It's just a fkn scam in one word. I live in Austria for 3 years and they still managed to scam me for 4 than not fewer times. Minimal recharge amount is 10鈧?and at some point they apply a fkn fee of 1鈧?and then you have to recharge your phone with another 10鈧?because you just can't add 1鈧? FKN REDICULOUS!!! Hate this communication operator!
2 years ago

The site is safe, BUT, A1 is very expensive and it seems they just want your money. They don't care about private persons – just the "big fishes" are important. It has the impression that private customers are internal just "dummys" for them… The network quality is also not so fine as promised. But that is not the fault of the technical stuff – I think there is something faulty at the management – but this is my personal opinion – maybe I'm wrong with this thought. At the shops many employee are very unfriendly and often I have the impression they think you are stupid. You will recognize that they just want to sell the product and they will tell you everything – essential it is positiv for you. The accounting is very slow and dubious… I had the case that I had to return a device I never received. It took a lot time to correct this. And the bound to a service is often very long. It's your choice if you say yes to this deal… Be careful and look also to other providers. Maybe they have a better conditions for you. – That is my personal opinion.
3 years ago

I was travelling through Austria with a friend, who had her bag stolen. We decided to purchase a new phone and a temporary sim card from A1. We were told that the SIM card would make her able to call + text home, and she payed 10 鈧?extra to make that possible. The seller told us that he had activated the SIM card and that everything was fine.

We quickly found out that she was only able to write and call within Austria, which wasn't what she had payed for. We tried calling customer service, and the first time, a lady answered that she couldn't speak English, but she would get someone to call back who was able to speak it. After waiting for half an hour, we tried calling again. The new lady was neither able to speak English, which made me try to speak to her in German, since I know the basics. When I tried to tell her to explain things to me slowly, and when I asked her to repeat what she had said, she said that it was impossible to help and hung up the phone. The third time we tried calling customer service, a man told us that the employees are not allowed to speak English with their customers.

I loved Austria and all the other people there, but this is the absolute worst kind of customer service I've ever seen. Either the employee that told us someone would call back in English, is lying or the man who said they weren't allowed to speak English, is lying – and the third decides to hang up the phone.

I wouldn't ever recommend getting a temporary SIM card from this company if you're traveling through – I've never experienced anything like this.

5 years ago

Good Service, possibllities to choose for internetrate,
webmail gives you the opportunity to see if the emails you receive are spam or dangerous etc.
8 years ago

Mit A1 habe ich sehr schlechte Erfahrungen.

Bin mit einem USB-Stick dieser Firma im Internet und habe seit meinem Umzug an einen anderen Ort nur Probleme. Die Verbindungsqualit盲t ist sehr schlecht, was zu Verbindungsabbr眉chen, z盲hem Surfen und lahmen Downloads f眉hrt.

Die regul盲re Hotline wei脽 keinen Rat und gibt mir die Telefonnummer des Technik-Service. Es handelst sich um eine 0900 Nummer, die Euro 1,56 pro Minute kostet.

Rufe da an und bekomme gesagt, die Verbindung m眉脽te eigentlich gut sein, was sie aber nicht ist.

Rufe nochmal die regul盲re Hotline an und teile abermals mit, das die Verbindung schlecht sei. Bekomme daraufhin zu h枚ren, die Verbindung sei laut Technik-Service doch gut. All meine Versuche, zu erkl盲ren, das die Verbindung eben nicht gut sei, werden mit Hinweis auf den Technik-Service abgetan.

Ich weise darauf hin, das ich einen Vertrag mit Bindefrist habe und bis zu dessen Ablauf ein Internet brauche, das funktioniert.

Nun wird mir allen Ernstes vorgeschlagen, ich solle doch einen anderen Internet-Anbieter w盲hlen. A1 m眉脽te nat眉rlich trotzdem bezahlt werden.
Auf meine erboste Frage, ob A1 glaube, ich h盲tte einen talerkackenden Esel zu Hause hei脽t es, es bestehe kein Grund, ausf盲llig zu werden.

Habe versucht, auf der Homepage von A1 im Kundenforum mein Anliegen vorzubringen. Dazu ist eine extra Registrierung f眉r麓s Forum n枚tig (warum einfach, wenn es umst盲ndlich geht)
Die Registrierung schlug fehl, weil angeblich das Passwort jedesmal falsch war, obwohl ich mich an die Schreibvorgaben daf眉r gehalten habe. Nach dem x-ten, von zahllosen Netzausf盲llen begleiteten Versuchen, habe ich es aufgegeben.

Vor knapp einem Jahr hat A1 wegen eines versehentlichen Mehrverbrauches von Datenvolumen satte 400 Euro von mir einkassiert. (Urspr眉nglich sollte ich sogar 800 Euro zahlen, was aber durch das Einschreiten einer Rechtsanw盲ltin verhindert wurde. Das nennt sich A1-Kulanz)

Beim Abgreifen also sehr fix, beim Service eine glatte Nullnummer, von dem man regelrecht verarscht wird.

A1 ist in meinen Augen ein einziger Sauladen.

9 years ago

Kann mir nicht helfen, bei drei bekomm ich mehr f眉r weniger geld!
9 years ago

Spam received from hosts in this domain.
10 years ago

Super nur A1 f眉r 脰sterreich
11 years ago

Bei Handy und Internet sehr gut. 1a Netzabdeckung bei meinem Breitbandstick
11 years ago

12 years ago

脰sterreichischer Mobilfunkanbieter A1. Sehr guter Service und tolle extras. Die online Rechnungen sind sehr 眉bersichtlich und k枚nnen sogar grafisch dargestellt werden.

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