A1 Reviews - A1 Scam or Legit


8 months ago

As a student from another country coming to Bulgaria there are certain necessities you would require. Basics things like internet and being able to call. The experience with A1.bg is atrocious to say the least. You will be welcomed with scam after scam. You would like a data sim, but agents would tell you they only sell contracts. Topping up is also a major issue, no online way for data sims to be topped up as well. You will need to make your way to a mall to get a new sim or top-up in store. My experience has been so horrific, I went to get a prepaid home internet contract with A1.bg for my 5 month stay during my studies abroad. After showing the agent exactly what I wanted, he proceeded to give me a 2 year contract instead and said the cancellation fee would only amount to 3 months worth of installments. However when it came time to cancel my contract. I was hit with the full balance of the 2 year contract and when asked about the 3 month penalty he shrugs and dismisses it as some made up story. Note this is the same agent that sold me the contract. Then he cancels the contract and says the internet will be active for the time I will be in the country. I pay the obscene amount and leave. Only to be told after paying that I wont have internet immediately and that he could sell me another contract. This is after explicitly explaining that we will need internet to a certain date and him confirming that we will have internet up until the time I leave. If this isn't a scamming business model, then I don't know. So I would just like to warn foreigners coming to Bulgaria that they should avoid A1.bg at all cost. They have great marketing to get you, but will scam you.

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