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9 years ago

I am happy that my experience was a bit better than those that have posted below. I ordered a reproduction and I was able to receive it in just over a month. This was an acceptable period of time for the quality provided. Looks great on my wall!
9 years ago

This website is a huge scam and nothing more. In April I purchased a gift certificate for a painting from this company. On March 20th I placed my order for my painting, and then paid an additional $55 for a larger painting and shipping insurance. On April 13th I sent them an e-mail to inquire about the status of my order since I had not heard back from them; the next day I received a reply saying that they were backed up with orders at the moment, and since my painting was complex they did not want to risk it by giving it to just any artist. They asked me to be patient and promised me my painting would be of exceptional quality when complete.

On May 9th I sent another email inquiring as to the status of my painting, I never received a reply. I sent two more e-mails, on May 17th and June 3rd, asking for the status of my painting and once again received no reply. On June 6th I sent another e-mail demanding a refund of my order. I attempted to file a complaint with PayPal, but conveniently the time limit past for which I could submit a claim due to their false promises which kept me waiting. I have made numerous attempts to contact them, and still no replies and of course no painting (after four and a half months of waiting).

Stay far away! They'll feed you fake promises until you can no longer submit a claim with PayPal and then you'll never hear from them again. Feel free to contact me with questions

9 years ago

It's been almost 2 months of trying to get my paintings (paid over $550). So far it seems to be like a lot of empty promises. I could not get any customer service until I started a claim for a refund through Paypal. Now I am told that my paintings are just now being started this week – which I am still doubtful of.

**Update: Finally got some photos of my paintings in the work, they look amazing. I am hoping it has been worth the wait.

11 years ago

It's a great site that offers oil on canvas painting reproductions at discounted rates.

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