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6 years ago

Do not order from this company! If you use PayPal to pay you will get no tracking number. No big deal, you can call and leave a message or email, right. Wrong, no one answers phone or email. It has been 3 weeks so I thought maybe I missed up placing order, but PayPal and credit card billed me. My next thought was that maybe it was a scam site since I could not contact seller. But apparently it is a business of some sort. I ordered my longboards parts from another vendor, tactics.com and filed a claim with PayPal. Supposedly that takes 30 days to resolve. Who knows, maybe I'll receive the shipment by then and will keep for backup. I'd be too scared to deal with this company on a return. Lesson learned!
6 years ago

The detailing of the product is simply superb. I could not have been more happy with the offering. I will place another order soon.
7 years ago

Placing my order was easy and when I called A1skateboards with some questions about my order, they were very helpful and friendly. I was able to get all the parts I needed and build the complete board that I have wanted for so long! A1skateboards is a great place to get the latest gear and quick too!
7 years ago

Ordering from A1skateboards was easy and convenient. The prices were awesome and customer service was so nice. I will continue to order from here because they have such a variety with the best prices! Follow them on Instagram and they do giveaways for free boards!
7 years ago

Ive been ordering off A1skateboards for a long time and i love it. Well to me, i think A1skateboards is the best website out there to order anything that has to do with skateboards, meaning trucks, wheels, etc. They have very fast shipping, they have have the best customer care and they treat their customers right! They have a wide variety of brands you can choose from!:-) i love it!
7 years ago

I have been ordering from A1 Skateboards for many years now. I have two sons, so as you can imagine, I have ordered many things. I have been completely satisfied with everything we have ordered in the past. I usually place most of the orders around the holidays; therefore time is very crucial. A1 has always been so efficient at shipping my orders on time in order to meet deadlines. All of the products are top notch as well as the customer service. My family absolutely loves A1!
7 years ago

I have placed several orders with A1 over the past couple of years and each and every one has been on time and perfect. They have a huge selection of all the skate brands I ride, and so many others I have tried new stuff just because of how easy it is to work with them. I have also recommended them to several people, who now use A1 for ALL their online skate orders as well.
8 years ago

I have made two orders through this company, both times I have been able to talk to a customer representative promptly regarding my order. The shipment came within two days! I could not find the products cheaper anywhere, I searched many sites (both warehouse and specialty). They offered me a discount (military), it was not immediately applied to the first order, but I simply clicked live help, chatted with them (always a pleasure), and it was taken care of immediately! They are great supporters of military personnel, offering a gift with my order. I cannot exaggerate enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with this business, and how great their services were! I would recommend anyone to go to their site for their purchases, it has all the skate shop advantages (being able to talk to someone about your product, and getting your product promptly rather than a week or so like most companies), the main difference is you're saving significantly by ordering through them.
8 years ago

I built a custom complete through their website and it was really easy to build and actually had fun doing it. The prices are so much better than buying through your traditional brick and mortar store. I will definitely get my next board from A1 and I'm sure to get my nephews some Skateboard gear for Christmas this year too.
8 years ago

Have been buying skateboards and parts from a1skateboards for years. Always have great customer service and products. Have recommended a1skateboards to all my friends and family. Cant wait to buy more stuff. Thank you a1skateboards! Your stuff rocks!!
8 years ago

I had the best experience purchasing a skateboard for my nephew.
Prompt service, prompt delivery, wow, I will definitely be buying from them again.
8 years ago

I love my stuff that I just received from A1 Skateboards. The customer service was very helpful. My items arrived very fast and I am satisfied with the product. Thank you!!
8 years ago

Avoid this place at all costs! Purchased a duffel bag on July 21st. When August 4th came and went with no duffel bag,no tracking info no email response, no return phone call, I had to open a claim with paypal, Miraculously the next day I got a message that it was mailed TEN days after purchase and should show up soon….Total Joke!
8 years ago

I'be been an avid skateboarder for over 20 years. I have purchased equipment through most of the mail order & online companies over the years. Several years back I purchased decks through A1. They were one of the few companies located on the east coast. Residing in the Midwest, ordering from them was faster than from west coast based companies.
My last experience was a complete joke. I thought I would try them because I didn't want to wait for a West Coast order or pay for overnight shipping.
I placed my order online and its status didn't change for a week. I emailed them and called twice trying to figure out what was up. Nobody ever answered the phone or emailed me. I got a call back saying my order was on its way. But it took another week to receive it.
When I did receive my order, one of the items was missing. The invoice had it circled stating, "cancelled out of stock."
This is one of the worst online ordering experiences I have had.


8 years ago

I ordered a helmet. They took 11 days to ship my order and never communicated with me until I called them on the 10th day. They shipped only after I filed a paypal claim. If it was back ordered they should have just let me know. I received it about 18 days after I ordered and paid for it. Where did it come from Australia?
8 years ago

I'm not one for giving reviews online but I am so frustrated at this point and felt the need to do something. My first question is " Does anyone actually answer the phone or emails at A1 Skateboards?" I've had a truly horrible experience with this company. To start with, I wanted to order a board for my son's birthday. A1 seemed to have a great inventory and decent prices so I took a chance. I placed the order on 3/4/12 and received nothing as far as an order confirmation from them. ( I did get a receipt from Paypal that they took my money). I tried repetedly to contact them to make sure that they indeed had recieved my order….Igot no reply. I did get a call from them nearly a week later saying that one of the parts I had ordered was no longer in stock and they wanted to know what substitute I wanted so they could buiild the board. A substitution was not a big deal but the site says that most parts ship the next day, this was 5 days later that they were just starting my build, At that point I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to get the board in time for the birthday party. I was right. So forward to the delivery of the board on the March 13th. My son excitedly opened the box to find the wrong deck ( which costs less then the one I ordered…my bill was not adjusted BTW) Anyway, so I sent them an email outlining my issues, included pictures of what I received and what I ordered expecting to get someone to contact me back with an apology and a plan to rectify my issue. Again, I got nothing. At this point I have sent emails, left messages ( no one ever answers the phone) posted on their Face Book site and sent more non-Instant chat requests. I have gotten zero replies. In my mind either A1 does not understand customer service or thay just don't care. I believe it's the latter as evidenced by the fact that someone built a custom orderd board with an obviously mismatched set of hardware and their complete lack of response. I'm still hoping to hear from them to get these issues fixed but am glad I used Paypal and a credit card so I may have a chance to get my money back if not. So my last resort is to dispute my charges and take my story to Facebook, Google + and Twitter so other don't have to deal with this frustration.
8 years ago

Received custom board with discolored deck and am told it is my problem. Sent Hi-Res photo per their request and there is no recourse as it is a custom board. I obviously discolored the deck in 10 spots by opening the box.
Guess I need to stop payment thru the Credit Card to get their attention.
Pretty poor response.
Have had good experiences on almost all internet puchases as long as it is from a reputable company.
A! isn't one of them.
A1 should get a D-.
9 years ago

On Sunday evening, I ordered a skateboard from A1 Skateboards. I paid extra to have it here by today, since it is being picked up by someone from my Church to go to the local Children's Home that we support. I had taken a card off the tree for a young boy that only wanted a Plan B skateboard.

I wanted to let you know it arrived today in excellent condition and that I am very happy with it. They processed the order quickly and I'm sure putting a smile on this young boy's face.

9 years ago


After three days of waiting, I became anxious to get my new skateboard. After spending some research on the internet, I found that a lot of people have written horrible reviews for A1 Skateboards. Therefore, I became worried. I wondered if the shipment would arrive two weeks late. I wondered if the skateboard would be damaged, or even if they sent the wrong skateboard! After 4 business days of ordering, I almost wrote an e-mail to them. I figured to give them one more day. Today, Friday, I arrived home to see a nice big box sitting next to my box. However, the box was badly damaged but no holes. I took it in and opened it. Everything inside was undamaged. UPS estimated that shipping to where I live from A1 Skateboard's warehouse would take about three days. It arrived on the fifth day, but I can understand why because they probably needed time to process and actually build my skateboard for me. I checked all the parts; deck, bearings, wheels, trucks, and even the risers – everything was what I wanted and how I wanted it.

The only con I saw was that they never gave me a UPS tracking number. Not that Important though…

I never tried calling or e-mailing them, so I cannot review their customer service.

Now that I'm kind of happy I've gotten my skateboard, I'd like to let you all know that A1Skateboards only have three employees (According to Better Business Bureau).

Thanks A1 Skateboards!

9 years ago

I placed an order for my daughter several weeks ago, have emailed, called and left messages (no one anwers the phone), faxed my message, even left messages via live chat (not so live..) I hope to hear from them, as I have now poored on the pressure….
9 years ago

This site took my money but has not delivered my product. I've tried to reach them by phone multiple times with no response. I've left them a few voicemails, with no response and have also tried to contact them via email – no response. I filed a claim against them with the Better Business Bureau, but haven't heard anything yet. So now, i've contacted Chase to reverse the charge and go after them.
10 years ago

my daughter and i placed my order for a helmet and pads on 12/18/10 hoping to receive them before or even after christmas. my daughter was super excited and would check the website everyday to see how far the process has gone along. it never moved pass the second stage. i then found out that the money i had spent on the gear was put back onto my card. i tired using the "live" help on the website to try and figure out why this happened. after two attempts and no answer to my questions i had to tell my daughter that the helmet wasnt coming and i couldnt tell her why. this website has poor service and lack of information. next time ill just order from amazon
10 years ago

They're either really bad at Customer Service, or just a JOKE!
I recently (7/31/10) ordered a set of Force trucks at a cost of $23.98. Upon receipt (8/7/10), I discovered that I was sent two different brand of trucks.
I contacted A1 Skateboards, by phone, on the morning of 8/9/10, and left a voicemail about their mistake, but didn't hear anything back from them that Monday. The following morning (8/10/10) I sent them the same message by email and finally got a response that afternoon from Brad. I explained to Brad what had happened and, instead of him sending me out a matching truck right away, was instructed to return both trucks and told they would then send me back a matching set. I questioned Brad as to if I would reimburse me for the shipping expense, and was told they would. So on 8/11/10 I sent, via UPS, the trucks back to A1 Skateboards; at a cost to me of $10.23.
A1 Skateboards received the returned trucks on 8/17/10 but didn't bother to send back the matching set until the 24th or 25th.
I finally received the matching set of Force Trucks on 8/31/10, however, one of the trucks had two deep scratches on both sides of the front logo (which I can certainly live with…).
So basically I waited a month to recieve a matching set of trucks at a cost, to me, of $34.18 (not counting a portion of the initial shipping cost); since they never bothered to reimburse me for the return shipping.
I feel as if they ripped me off, and therefore A1 Skateboards is not a good company to do business with!
It bothers me that when you google, "discount skateboard parts", A1 Skateboards.com comes up as one of the first companies on Google's listings…
My recourse at this point, since I live in a fairly small town (population of about 60K), will be to tell everyone I know never to order from A1 Skateboards.com; along with posting this on FaceBook.

9/22/2010 Update to my above Posting:

In all Fairness to A1 Skateboards.com, I'm having to revise my original rating of two-stars (**) to four-stars (****).
The reason being is that, on September 13th, 2010, A1 Skateboards.com fully refunded my original purchase price of $77.91.
I feel as if that was more than what I would have expected, from what transpired, and have changed my attitude about this business. I feel that what they've done went above, and beyond, my expectations of customer service.
Kudos to you A1 Skateboards for making things right!!!
I'll be sure to update my social network about your desire to make things right.

10 years ago

Through internet research, I have discovered the A1 Skateboards HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS AND THE BUILDING IS BEING SOLD ON LOOPNET.COM!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he LOSES money on the sale of his CRAPPY business. L. Christopher, I hope Karma is a bitch for you…

So all of us good folks have lost our money to a CROOK! If we want further action taken, we would have to take this business to court and that would cost me more than what I am owed by him. JERK!

10 years ago


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