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5 months ago

I'm surprised there is no other review for A1 Skips. They've been around for ages. They are part of Panda group too, panda.ie. Anyway, my experience so far:

Thursday: I order a skip for Saturday, they email back will be delivered tomorrow, excellent.

Friday: No delivery, I called at 7:30pm, nobody in office

Sat: Called at 10am, told it will arrive by 2pm. Called again at 4pm, told it will arrive by 7pm.

Sunday: Still no skip. Called, nobody in office.

Monday: Called at 10:45, told site was not accessible on Friday. I was here all day and site is an open driveway.
They called me at 11:45 skip will be delivered today.
1:30 skip arrived, 3 days late. Yay! We filled it and at 2:30, called for it to be collected. Told it will be collected tomorrow.

Tuesday: Skip still sitting in driveway.

Wednesday: Called to get skip removed. Told there is a delay of 1 to 3 days. So we wait…

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