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5 months ago

After following Nick and his team for a little over a year. I can 100% say they put in the hard work and time to make sure their subscribers prosper. Some of the other online trading communities out there place a bad stigma behind anyone trying to help others. The A1 Trading Team has showed me that it鈥檚 not all about taking clients money and making a profit, it鈥檚 about providing a service that helps people learn and grow as a trader. Very commendable and will always have my vote…
5 months ago

so far so good, very supportive.
5 months ago

Nick & Co. are a 5 Star team. They've been more than helpful with me and others inside the community. LOVE A1 Fam <3
5 months ago

Just like everything else in life . . . You get out of it what you put into it. Great group of people all around, sound trading advice, real-time trades from trusted veterans (win or lose) and regular updates on longer term trades. You don't just get signals, but sound trading mechanics that you can use to improve your own strategy. Well done and keep up the good work.
5 months ago

The A-1 team is just that, top notch the whole way around. They are responsive with inquiries, helpful, and provide the most complete and quality trading group experience that I have seen. A-1 does a fantastic job keeping the community from being toxic, members want to help one another, the educational material has quality coverage for everything from Beginner to advanced and even breaking research. Finally, the paid traders in the community do a fantastic job providing detailed background, both technical and fundamentals, that only improve market perspective for any reader. It is difficult to say enough about how professional and fun the environment the A-1 team has created, this crew is impressive.
5 months ago

The A1 Trading community is 10/10. Whether you're a complete newbie, to an experienced trader I would highly recommend this community. It's great to be in the same space as likeminded traders, and constantly learning new things in relation to trading and investing everyday. They have professional analysts who will interact and send technical analysis (Charts) and give analysis for the fundamental news going on, and not to mention Nick, Julie and Will who all make it tick behind the scenes.

Don't fall for instagram scammers and broker referrals, join a genuine group of traders to grow your trading knowledge.

5 months ago

A1trading is an amazing trading group filled with kind and skilled financial experts and traders.

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