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4 years ago

Back on February 2016, I came across a flyer from Fare Well Vacations promoting great vacation destinations at a low cost. I made the mistake of calling and purchasing a vacation package (Contract ID #23334463, ID Package #FV-0107) for my family to playa del Carmen, Mexico for $169.98 each. I purchased two tickets. I was told I needed to pay a certain amount to secure my spot for this year. Upon paying $340, I was going to receive an email with instruction in how to activate my certificate. Furthermore, (Bernadette (Customer Service Mgr.)) instructed me I needed to send a money order for $69/ticket as form of payment instead of a check or credit card in order to make my reservations valid. I mailed two money orders (Serial #鈥檚 23313437796 and 23313437807) on February 24. This was my second mistake!
As of today I haven鈥檛 hear from A1 Travel Consultants regarding my activation or anything pertaining my purchased vacation. According to their policy, travel dates must be requested at least 90-days from requested dates. I purchased the package for Playa Del Carmen located in Mexico. By the time I receive any confirmation it will be to late for travel. After the month of June, Playa Del Carmen becomes hurricane season and it is no longer a prime destination. I did not purchase a vacation package so it could become a headache or a problem. Based on the poorly customer service from A1 Travel, I would like to request my full refund on the money I put for the vacation and the activation fee. I don鈥檛 want to make a third mistake.
People!! Please be aware, this company is a scam and ones they have your money, they will run with it.
4 years ago

They offered a 3 day 2 night trip to Las Vegas. Our requested dates were 9-9-2016 thru 9-11-2016. Had to pay $300.00 immediately and promised a 12 to 24 hour follow-up. They gave me a Client #23559322. After receiving email confirmation for receipt of money, I was told that another $68.00 ( all money was for two (2) people) each processing fee was due too. The check was "check by phone" for $300.00 and the $136.00 was sent by money order. The processing fee could only be paid by money order, so that is what I did. If you call any of the numbers above, you are put on hold indefinitely. They never come back to phone. I have a lot of paperwork that I printed, but I need to fax them to you. Please send me a fax phone number.
4 years ago

I received a fax for the Deal of the Day! I called 800-491-9457 and payed $320 for my husband and I to go to Playa del Carman. I could only pay with my routing number and bank account information. Amanda is the agent who assisted me, followed up by Melissa who recorded our conversation. After three days, the payment cleared my bank and I received an email with a form to fill out for my destination choice with an address for True Marketing, PO BOX 24068, Houston TX 77229. It said I had to send a money order for $69 per person and not to send it certified as the mail isn't checked every day. Certified mail has to be signed for. I work for the post office so that is what tipped me off that this sounded suspicious. They don't want to sign for our payments because then someone would be held accountable. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and am going to my bank to fill out a fraudulent charge. The bank will investigate it and see what can be done. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I was told about the $69 per person reservation fee to be paid within 30 days of paying my $320 along with gratuities and taxes. Summer called me and emailed today and said she has our phone call recorded to prove that their company told me all this up front. I am not disputing that they did. I know when I send my additional $138 I will get the same run around as all the customers on here have said they did.
4 years ago

4 years ago

Received an add selling a vacation package. They collected $750 in a check and later ask for $138 in money order. The amount that was for the cruise package was change after the money was collected. Joy from customer service was very rude and refuse to cancel the reservation and refund the money. I ask for manager and she was the manager, I ask for her Superior and she refuse to provide me with the information. I called sales Adrian and Ralph and they are always busy. Ann and Gregory refused to provide me with the manager name. Always hang the phone up.
4 years ago

A fax was sent to ncdps.gov for travel places. Ask for check to be mailed to fmc. Then ask for money order to be mail to true marketing 550 maxey rd #24068 houston texas 77013. For the amount shown above. Then block your calls and texts.

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