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1 year ago

This man is a thief and a crook. I have a CCJ (reference number 079MC577) against him for the return of my 拢100 deposit and for 拢98 that I paid for a new battery, as the car wouldn't start in the mornings – obviously I only bought it as he said he would return the battery money to me. I have all the email correspondence if anyone is interested. He has not paid anything that he owes to me.

Don't be taken in, as I was, by the fact that he has what seems to be an office telephone number. It isn't. It's a service that he pays for, for them to answer his calls. This company is flakey at best, and the director is a thief and con artist.

1 year ago

Don't use this company complete scam! Read reviews below.
1 year ago

Sold my data to dozens of people and I keep getting spam and unwanted calls.

No policies on their website.

1 year ago

Absolute joke of a company! From the get go Daniel pressured me into signing a contract, and I was dumb enough to sign it without reading reviews (and i now understand why there are so many bad reviews of this company!) I tried to cancel same day as i signed the contract but Daniel refused to cancel. They are ridiculously unprofessional, and total scammers, the cars are old and unsafe. On the day of hire i turn up to get car which is over 12 years old, bumps and scratches all over it, and i was on my own on an industrial estate in the middle of no where, no one to meet me but instead they just leave key on wheel of car. Go to start the car and there is no petrol in it so car wont even start and a Mechanic in garage opposite says there is no tread in tyres so unsafe to drive. Daniel was uncontactable as he doesnt start work till 4pm so my only option was to pay over 拢100 for a taxi and train back home… total waste of time and money!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!
1 year ago

I found this service online, applied for a longer-term car rental. The one-man customer service person by the name of Daniel appeared very friendly and eager to help. But also eager to try to get me to rush everything so that I can pay them.

Did everything, and all paperwork completed, date to pick up the car was fixed. The car was advertised to have 80,000 miles (mileage) I thought not a big deal considering the price and as long as the car is in total good condition above average. When I went to pick up the car mileage was actually 120,000 miles (first red flag, they have lied) the boot door of the car was broken and could not hold by itself unless you hold it which your hand which was very annoying, not to mention the 'ford' sign on the boot door was detached and sale tapes to holding on. The car did actually looked fine, plus i had just travel 4 hours from Midlands to North Wales near liverpool to fetch the car, I thought not a big deal, probably we they can fix these at a late stage.

To cut the long story short, the car was a nightmare, A2B Car Rental company were like dealing with chavz teenager trying to run a business – extremely unprofessional, rude and most of their practices were unethical and somewhat illegal. A few days after I had the car I had a tyre puncture and no wheel locking key available, contacted A2B Car Hire they lied and insisted in must have been in the car, I paid over 拢100 to AA. The bonnet of the car never opened from the moment I took the car to when I brought it back. In fact I was contacted by A2B demanding that I check the oil immediately as they have not checked it before I took the car. How could I check the oil when I can even get to where the oil is? In the end I told them I am cancelling the contract.

To my surprise, apparently I was not allowed to cancel the contract, I asked for options, there wasn't any options, you just cant cancel. No consideration that they have given me a product/car that was not up to standards and was also mis-sold, it already costing me more tan I planned, in the end we exchanged about 50 emails, and I categorically refused that I will continue with the contract, likely i did not owe them anything.

I made arrangement to return the car, it was a Saturday. Few hours after I had returned the car, I received an email with a fake court order attached. I laughed and mentioned to them that the court order was fake, they replied and said they will send a real one to my home address. I know Daniel or a fake lady name they do useto email "Samantha Howard" will probably try to reply to this review.

Do not believe these people, this company is a scum that will advertise a car describing it to be in a condition it is not. They know their cars are in very very bad condition – do not hire car from them, dont let them rush you to sign a contract, and once you sign the paper they will try to force you to stay in a contract. completely illegal practices.


In response to the A2B Car Hire reply to my review, These guys are LIES, WOW. The client failed to pay?? which part?? This has nothing to do with anyone failed to pay on time. How could you run a company based on lies, you have no integrity and be lying so publicly, this is a major alarm and red flag to anyone who is even considering your services.

Everything I have written about you and your company is more than 100% true and accurate. You rent very old cars in very poor condition, you misrepresent your product and when a customer gets a car it's totally not in a condition to even be on the road. By that time you have to talk them through to sign a contract which is also an illegal contract and all it says you cannot cancel the contract. Unbelievable!

If you have managed to secure a judgment in court if because I ignored everything from you and you took advantage of that try to claim money that you are not owned. However, I am catching up with that, you will get nothing and most likely the opposite. As I have said you should be ashamed of yourself and the business you run, you are a scammer, running an illegal business, you should be locked up and your business should be closed down.

Yes you are a liar, when I hired the car from you the mileage was advertised at 80,000 but when I saw the car it has 120,000 and one of your narcissistic justification I quote "The miles discrepancy is not a breach of contract".

You do not carry np MOT to the car or any checking, had you carry MOT of the alleged car I wouldn't have rented it because it would not have passed. You even send me an email the next day asking me to check the oil because you forgot. I tried to do that but the bonnet of the car was not opening, a complete wreck of a car.

You do not allow your clients to cancel the agreement unless there is a major issue and no major issue? do you hear yourself, your car was a complete wreck, al;l te issue where beyond major.

Again stop lying, you are a very dishonest business, no integrity and cannot be trusted. This has nothing and nothing at all to do with the customer not being able to afford your rental. Since then I have rented a brand new Ford Focus ST from aa legitimate company and now going 5 months never missed a payment and its stress-free.


1 year ago

Good, car arrived on time and works, as a family we are very happy.
2 years ago

A rip off merchant! NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! 拢500 a month for a 15 years old Saab!!!!! What a joke!
2 years ago

As a long term car hire company i cannot fault them.Good all round support from Daniel and the team,very approachable.I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.I would recommend A2B car hire to anyone who is looking for long term car hire.
2 years ago

This man is a vexatious con man and avoid at all costs!! Was ripped off and lied to.Supplied with a car that was clearly bordering on being road legal He tries using bullying tactics to try and resolve issues Not a legitimate business or legitimate operation
2 years ago

Supplied a car that should not be on the road, according to the mechanic they sent to fix it.

4 illegal tyres and damaged brakes.

I sent ar back early even though paid up due to wouldn't put my children at risk in it again

As you see from his reply he is a man not to be trusted. the car was not road worthy.this is the comment from mechanic he sent out. avoid at all costs

2 years ago

Hi great service.always at hand to deal with any issues you may have
2 years ago

Well run company
They provide a good service

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