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2 months ago

I bought some products on abacigame.com


1 year ago

I bought zynga chips on abacigame and paid with my credit card. After entering my credit card details on their site I immediately got a phone call from my bank telling me there was an alert on my account and my card was used overseas and it was charged 4 times for $60 which is not what I authorized. It is not safe to enter credit card information on this website. My bank had to cancel my old card and send me a new one.


1 year ago

I ordered and paid for chips from Abacigame.com. They were supposed to transfer the zynga chips to my facebook account. After giving them my information to do the transfer my account was banned. I told them on chat I didn't even get to log in to see the chips in my account and the person on their website was rude and told me it was completed and not their responsibility anymore. On top of that they had charged my credit card 2 times and my bank flagged the charge as fraudulent saying it was from somewhere in the middle east. I had to dispute it with my credit card company still waiting to get my money back. Abacigame's owners are con artists steer clear of this place.

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