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8 years ago

I made the mistake of contacting this company run by one person for carpet cleaning in a house I was moving from in Guildford. He came and told me that I had to pay extra for spot removal. I did not have time to think about that so I said ok to him. But why would he ask for extra payment for stain removal. He was there to clean my carpets. That surely must include removal of stains. He then told me that due to health and safety I had to be at least 2 rooms away from where he was working. Again. this was the very first time I had needed a carpet cleaner and I thought that it was ok. So I left. When I came back I could see that all carpets were wet and I could not really see if they had been properly cleaned or not. I went upstairs to check the rooms there and he said that he was in a hurry and needed to go. He rushed me A LOT, got his payment and left. The next day when the carpets dried I could see that not a single spot was removed. The carpets looked the same. I took some household cleaning item and tried to see if I could remove a stain and I COULD. So I called him and told him that the carpets were not clean and I wanted him to either come back to do a proper job or give me my money back. He would do neither. I called another company and this company came with machines that looked nothing like the ones abacus cleaning was using. I was told that the machine that abacus cleaning used was properly just a rental from homebase or such and those really do not work. I could have rented it myself. When I asked about the health and safety I was told that there was no such thing. Carpet cleaners do not use hazardous materials and that he has never heard of anything like this. He also thought that the extra payment for stain removal was unheard of. He was there to remove the stains and that was what he would be paid for anyways. He then went on and cleaned my carpets that looked AMAZING afterwards. NOTHING like what abacus cleaning did or rather did not do. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY: The guy is only out for your money and he will use tactics to get paid and leave before you even have a chance to see what he has done.

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