Abamedvds Reviews - Abamedvds Scam or Legit


8 years ago

These guys are SCAMMERS!

Unfortunately, I ordered a DVD box set from these guys before finding out that they are fraudulent!

I noticed before ordering that there were NO REVIEWS WHATSOEVER for this website anywhere…That should've been my clue to stay away…Well I've learned my lesson! I searched Google high and low for reviews of this business. Turned out I just didn't know where to look… Posted a question about this company on Yahoo Answers where someone informed me that they have had accounts on Ebid in the past under the same name and was ripping people off then!

Take a look at their feedback:

http://us.ebid.net/perl/normal.cgi?user=1315013&mo=user-rating&type=feed (Affiliated with AbameDVDs on their profile).

Hopefully I can get my money back from the claim I placed… I ordered through PayPal through this website.


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