Abanc Reviews - Abanc Scam or Legit


1 year ago

We won鈥檛 have perfect companies, each company has its own 鈥渋ssues鈥? in ABanc it鈥檚 tariffs and analytics with recommendations, although it is not needed at all, you have to think by yourself so later you鈥檒l have no one to blame, I decided to go to Saxobank, their tariff is 0,5 against 4 in ABanc. I was connected to Saxobank, but on the second day of the application already have occurred some problems I couldn鈥檛 submit within half an hour. Saxobank said it鈥檚 problems on the exchange, but in ABanc everything worked fine, only two 鈥渋ssues鈥?within a week. So I think if it鈥檚 worth it to change sewed on soap. I will wait till they learn how to work fine.

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