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1 year ago

Theyve been up for year bought many things, love them to pieces for a go to


2 years ago

I ordered 2 items in November 2018. I filled out the order form and mailed it with a money order for $111.47 I cant even send them an email asking why I haven't received my order. Better Business Bureau emailed me the other day and they said:

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 12/15/2018 against Abaxion. Your complaint was assigned ID ——–We regret to inform you that due to the company鈥檚 failure to respond, we have closed your complaint.
BBB attempts to conciliate concerns through an informal and voluntary process. Although we request cooperation from a company, we cannot require a company to respond or offer a specific adjustment.

Your complaint though will be a part of the business鈥檚 BBB review and rating for the next three years. Should the company reconsider your concern we will be certain to notify you.etc.

I wish I had heeded the warnings of all the people who also got burned by this Company.Stay clear of this business. They dont even have the decency to send a refund.


2 years ago

Placed and order on 10/10, emailed multiple times to check the status of it never got a response. Check the order status page and says I'll be notified if after 4 weeks, lies. Save your money. No products, no service, no refund. Reported to the BBB as well, let's see if they have any luck.


2 years ago

Oh man…… this is just all so bad LOL. Okay, so I ordered a little box for my tarot cards for like $30 CDN on January 27th of this year (2018), waited waited waited… month passes, no shipping information or tracking information is given to me… so I e-mail Abaxion like "hey! Just wondering if you could give me some tracking information or at least tell me the whereabouts of my package", no response. I check my junk/spam mail. Nothing. I e-mail them again just asking if they got my last e-mail- again, no response. SO a few days ago I'm checking my banking and notice there's a refund for the full amount I paid for the box from Abaxion from only a day ago. I e-mail them asking why I got a refund (assuming I won't be getting my package), or if I'm still getting my package and I'm getting a refund because of the crap customer service and slow shipping. So, as of right now there is STILL no response from any of my e-mails. I mean, I'm stoked I at least got my money back but this website needs to be shut down. Nothing but crap reviews and false confirmation of products. They were the ONE website that had the tarot box I wanted… thanks so much Abaxion. Buyers please please PLEASE beware. They don't even have the courtesy to e-mail you back.


3 years ago

Do not order from these guys. I placed my order from their website. My purchase did not come with a tracking number, so I thought I would try to contact these guys to find out the status of my order. They do not have a phone number so that you can talk to someone in person, they only have an email. So I emailed the company and waited a couple of days. I got an email stating that I will receive another email in 24 hrs regarding the shipping status. I got that email and said it was coming via ups or usps and I should receive it in 7-10 business days excluding holidays. I have yet to receive my package and it has been over a month. I am very disappointed and I will no longer purchase from these guys


4 years ago

I bought 4 dragons figurines from this online store and only few days later I received a mail with the information that my order was shipped and the mail also contained an invoice of the order but there was no tracking number to be found, which I find odd. I was also charged for the entire order the same day that I recieved this mail.

After 4 weeks I received a letter from Customs & Tax and they told me that the package missing the delivery note that contains all the information they need, so ask me to send them documentation for the package, which causing delaying for the delivery.

When I finaly got the package then it only contain 1 figurine, so I immediately wrote a mail to Abaxion and ask them why there only was 1 figurine in my package. They answered that my order was split up in 3 packages and ensured me that the last 2 packages was on their way.

I wrote back and ask for the tracking numbers but they gave me none, instead they claim that international shipping don't carry live tracking. I then wrote back again to tell them that's not quite true, because I have bought other thing from USA before and I have always got tracking numbers and they worked completely fine and they was from the same postal service that Abaxion also used.

They just repeat themself and still didn't gave me any tracking numbers but I don't see what harm that would do to them if they have given me these tracking numbers, no matter if they work or not. Something is definitely not right about this store.

One week later after I recived the first package, I then received my second one and this one also contain only 1 figurine but after more than 9 weeks after my order was shipped I lost patient with this store, so ask them to refund for the last 2 figurines that still missing.

I have read so much bad about Abaxion so I was realy surpriced that they agree to give me the refund and that the money for the last 2 figurines was transfeered back on my account.

I never going to buy anything more at this online store again, that's for sure and will recommend everyone else to avoid this store, untill they have improved there service.

One last thing so did they not always answer my mail, which are so frustrating.


5 years ago

I think your company is really poor. I put in an order 2 years ago and my purchase never came in as you claim or you kept the money. Now you guys are not even responding to my e mail. I will never do business with you or recommend anyone to shop at your store.


5 years ago

I ordered a pendant. They said it was shipped and it never was. I have asked my card to be credited back and it has not been. They take your money and that's all. I have to contact the BBB and my card now to try to recover my money. Do NOT have anything to do with this fraudulent company.


6 years ago

I ordered a statue from abaxion almost a year ago. I have sent numerous emails and have always been assured that my statue was on its way, yet I still have not recieved it. I ordered a kit and got it right away, but I don't think I will order from them again. my most recent emails have been ignored and I just want answers or my money back.


7 years ago

This website is surely a scam! I ordered something in July 2013 and it is now December 2013 and I have yet to receive my order. I have emailed a few times. I was reassured I would receive my order but I have not. Do Not Order From This Site!!!!


8 years ago

I placed an order January 3, 2013. I contacted the company January 23 to find out where my order was. All I got was a computer generated response. They list NO phone number to contact them at. It is now February 12th and I have still not received my order. I have opened a dispute with paypal because there is no way that I am going to just give them $204.84. This company is completely FRAUDULENT and is only out to STEAL your money! Serious bad karma Abaxion! Selling the type of items that you sell, you should know better than to screw around with people!


9 years ago

Against my better judgment and after reading reviews a couple of months ago on the company, I ordered a few products from them. I figured, it's just $60, and maybe they will actually get me my items.

First off, their site is poorly developed and lists several items they do not have as being in stock. Second, they promptly charged my card and let me know my items would be arriving in a couple of weeks. Third, ten weeks I never received my items. I sent a couple of follow up emails to the customer service email and received outlandish responses (the famous one seems to be returned by post office-refused). It's a little too convenient when something is refused a few times.

If you don't have an item or items in stock, do not misrepresent yourself, your customers will understand. The biggest thing is, DO NOT LIE to them. To this educated pagan who likes to support his community, I cannot ethically promote this company. There are many other reputable online companies, use one of them instead.


9 years ago

I have never had a problem shopping on Abaxion and will continue to order from them.
A lot of their products are exactly what I need and hard to find.


10 years ago

I have ordered from Abaxion many times and love the staff. I only had one problem that was fixed quickly. I have ordered from many other online stores with the same results, they are all pretty much the same.


10 years ago

I never received my half of the items that I ordered and the company internally misleads customers into thinking that true order has shipped. For one of my packages, I received the packing slip dated 9 days before the postmark. I am in Ca and just a few hoes away from the location, it is unrealistic to say that it would take that long for the post office to deliver. They lied about a product being shopped to me and available. They lied about my shipping and return process and intentionally sent me the wrong item as I began asking more questions via email to their customer service. Do yourself a favor and order from another company.

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