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7 months ago

This is about [email protected] automation / domestic system from ABB and the experience with ABB in Italy.

I don't have a great experience with my installer – a private company installing ABB parts. The fact that the installer was suggesting to use ABB gave impression of a great system. He also proposed 35% reduction on the parts, and that ABB would come and inspect and activate the system when it was finished.

Unfortunately this did not go as planned – and I have finally managed to get the attention of ABB/Italy to help resolve the problems. No ABB representative did come to activate the system, at least not with me present and it is my understanding that this was promised by the installer but never 'sold' or promised by ABB.

I will update you with the progress of help from ABB/Italy on my [email protected] system. Just as a spoiler – when looking up prices in Germany, the list price for the components were the same, or less, than what was proposed from my installer with the discount …

Stay tuned – or stay away from lock-in-systems and go for open standards.


8 years ago

interesting and informative. I like the way information is presented.

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