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1 year ago

I do not know what happened to this company. I bought a robot 13 years ago and had no problems. I bought one 2 years ago and it still does not work correctly. ABB's answer is to have their people come in see the problems say they are going to fix it then just quit answering emails and constant requests for service. If you are in the market for 1 robot avoid ABB. Their sales people will lie to you and their customer service could be the worst I have ever seen. I now have to hire another company to fix issues that have been wrong with this robot from day one. SHAME ON YOU ABB. I would have posted zero stars but you can not post it.


4 years ago

Having worked in the automotive manufacturing industry for over a decade, and having worked directly on the installation and upkeep of half a dozen different robot manufacturer's offerings, I can say with all honesty that ABB are the worst industrial robots on the market.

It could be that they have provided our company with sub-bargain basement models but even that shouldn't excuse the number of motor failures, gearbox failures or even the terrible programming of the UI.

Yaskawa-Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, Honda NES, etc. all provide a more reliable and cost-effective product when downtime is taken into consideration. How a company the size of ABB can ship what is essentially an alpha stage product to a large manufacturing site belonging to one of their primary customers is beyond any of us here.

If it wasn't for the accountants taking control I'm sure we wouldn't have been blindsided by the dishonesty of the ABB offering that our company received.

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