Abbate Y La Mantia Reviews - Abbate Y La Mantia Scam or Legit

Website: via Fanti 18 Grosseto 58100 Italy

9 months ago

Today i had my first shave with an Abbate y la Mantia shaving soap (Krokos). Its slickness is absolutely stellar, and the scent very pleasing. If you buy it, you won鈥檛 be disappointed. In the future, i will definitely buy other shaving products from them. Congrats AylM, you have a new loyal customer !


9 months ago

FANTASTIC products.
Great scents (I LOVE the Buttero), smooth and luxurious shave-soaps and all very reasonably priced.
Super-fast delivery too. Mine arrived 1week before schedule!


9 months ago

Amazing products, excellent customer service

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