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6 months ago

Shocking – Boy had I wished I had checked out this outfit on Trust a Pilot prior to commissioning. Weeds coming through the tar and chip surface within one week of completion. When querying with Henry, was informed that resurfacing will not stop weeds. When I suggested he came to have a look, I was refused. When asking what the guarantee period for the work was , was informed there wasn鈥檛 one. 3.6k for 5 hours work so wasn鈥檛 exactly a big job. I Was thoroughly rude to my partner when on site, tried to start the job at 6.30am was using noisy machinery (blowers) causing complaint from neighbours at 7am in the morning. I should have smelt a rat when asked to settle up literally just before they had even finished. Despite numerous request, still no invoice so will cause a huge problem trying to claim the VAT back. Do not be fooled like me by the professional look provided by the company branded polo shirt- this lot are a shower.


8 months ago

I pulled out after Henry from Abbey Driveways convinced me that he could do a much better deal,
then, after I paid 拢1000 deposit, he refused to answeer questions about the product (how it reacts in very cold winter conditions or a hot summer, etc.) He just told me to 'trust him'. The worst was that he took the phone numbers of other quoting companies from my list and called them, claiming to be mu brother & saying npot to come for the quote at the arranged date & time as my drive was not in need of resurfacing & I had Alzheimers, & did not know what I was doing by asking for quotes. I found this out when anotheer contracted DID attend the arranged appointment & told me that my brother had phoned, saying I had Alzheimer's, etc. I, and the Contractor then called this Henry who laughed about the whole thing then said he no longer wanted to work with me.
He told me to speak to my Bank about a refund of my card-paid 拢1000 deposit, which I did. Lloyds Bank claimed it had not gone through & to phone them to check in 2 weeks. I checked every fortnight for six weeks. All seemed in order until I received my March Bank statement & was horrified to see that Abbey Driveways STOLE 拢1000 from my Account on 20th March, more than 3 months after my cancelled arrangement with them. Loyds Bank changed my card immediately, stating that this should have been done at the time of cancelling, but their employee did not tell me this at the time, so I was unaware. Lloyds Bank Fraud department were looking into this. I reported it to the Police online, and to ipswich Police, giving them this 'Henry's' mobile phone number.
This man that comes knocking on doors touting for business is a criminal. I am sure I am not the first person from whom he has STOLEN money by keeping the card details from when it was put through his machine, then waiting for over 3 months till when many would assume the whole thing is over, and he slighly steals money from the card which many would not notice and not check.
I have sent full details to Abbeyt Driveways office to inform them in case this Henry was a sub-contracted person telling complete lies just to get business then taking money for services NOT in any way supplied, from my Bank Account- and probably many others also. I know for a fact other near neighbours who are not satisfied with his shoddy work and wish they had not entered into this. The man conveniently does not carry copies of any guarantee with him – just tells lies about 25 year guarantees. He never isssues any at all.
You need to look into this terrible schyster, as he is ripping off particularly the elderly. My Neighbourhood Watch orgainser knows about this and if he is seen in this area, he will find the Police after him.
So now, TRUSTpilot, prove your worth and do not back a real criminal like this.
There is more to my story if you care to contact me.


2 years ago Peterborough have installed a resin bonded drive for us after knocking on our door. We have since been told it should not have been put on top of block paving and up to our fence which is why it has cracked.

We have sent emails and called to have rhe drive repaired but nobody is interested, feel we have been sold an incorrect product and now need to pay anglia landscapes to take up. Veey unhappy and wint be rushing into something like this again without checking.


2 years ago

We have revently had our driveway covered with resin bonded surfacing and it is all coming loose.

Nobody will return my calls now, i have written to complain and still no response and the address is just an office block.

I have sort out advice on repairing and have been told the resin bonded should have never been put on our drive as it was block paving and shouldnt ever be put on this so now i hsve to have it all lifted or scrapped off.

I would leave zero stars if i could and am now seeking legal advice.

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