Abbey Gate Farm Camp Site Reviews - Abbey Gate Farm Camp Site Scam or Legit


3 years ago

Our Shocking Experience at Abbey Gate Farm Campsite,Musbury Road, Axminster, Devon.

We belong to the camping and caravaning club, this campsite is listed as…
'a Certificated Site (CS). These select sites are small, privately run campsites that operates under the Club鈥檚 jurisdiction and can only accommodate up to 5 caravans or motor-homes'

Owners unhelpful but happy to break the above camp rules if you pay them cash.

Placed in a hilly rally field too close to another camper, got a shock from an electric fence that had no obvious warning signage. I fear for any small children wandering around the sight who might touch this live electric fence.

Abbey Gate Farm Campsite is a cross between a correctional facility and primary school, with a notice board and scrap of paper given to you on arrival, that lists all the things you can't and mustn't do and how WE RESERVE THE RIGHT… Not really necessary on a site predominately occupied by the over 60's – Hardly a bunch of rabble-rousers!

And when you get to the end of the list of things you must not do – (No doubt to make the owners life's easier,) their is a final note Enjoy Yourself, that'll be hard as I'm worn out reading all the rules before I start to set up.

Now that's another story, the owner waited until we were fully set up before forcing us to relocate to another part of the hilly field.

Overall view is that as long as you do as you are told, and go to bed by 10pm, don't challenge unreasonableness, are happy to be on a hill and get the occasionally electric shock…

You get the idea.
Would we recommend NO
Would we Visit again NO
Best to be avoided at all cost's!

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