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7 months ago

Another cowboy outfit! Absolutely appalling service is provide I鈥檓 not sure how then can call themselves criminal practitioners!!!! Stay away from them- I used this law firm a few years ago after I instructed them I realised huge mistake- there was only ever going to be one outcome- guilty as they don鈥檛 care about you the client and nor do they have pride in the work they do!!!


9 months ago

I bought a property over a year ago and Abbey Solicitors represented the seller. There was an issue with the property that the seller was happy to work with me to correct but unfortunately the sales agent interfered and said the seller was going to withdraw. The only contact detailsI had for the seller were for his solicitors (Abbey Solicitors) so I contacted the to ask if it was true. My, the rudeness of the man. He was aggressively shouting at me. Sheer unprofessionalism. I later found the email address of the seller and contacted them directly and found the agent had been untruthful and resolved the matter amicably no thanks to Abbey Solicitors. Later in the final stages of the property sales completion the sellers solicitor was stalling over a matter so again I had to contact the seller directly to resolve it. They are meant to facilitate not obstruct. I will never use them after this experience. The solicitors attitude and approach was like an aggressive version of his East Enders name sake, BM 🙁


10 months ago

So rubbishy Solicitor, don鈥檛 ever have them Again
So unprofessional They鈥檙e. So cruel


1 year ago

Fantastic service come out in the middle of the night on a Saturday night in no time and got me out of a pickle would very highly recommend this firm


1 year ago

I was represented by Abbey Solicitors (Mr Imtiaz Ali) a true gentleman, honest, extremely professional, enthusiastic and empathetic individual.

My overall experience with Mr Ali was excellent. I can't thank you enough for all your support throughout my ordeal. You went beyond client commitment. I have never been through such difficult times and your service was fantastic. Thank you for being there for me throughout the process and your fantastic representation. I can now put this behind me and continue with my life.

I can't recommend a Solicitor better than Mr Imtiaz Ali, a well dedicated and committed individual who looked after me and provided me with the best client care.

I highly recommend Abbey Solicitors and Mr Imtiaz Ali, who is a valuable asset to Abbey Solicitors ,may God bless you and your Family with immense happiness.

Thank you Mr Imtiaz Ali and Abbey Solicitors.


1 year ago

I was represented by abbey solicitors Manchester. Imtiaz and Natalie worked really hard on my case along with their barrister.They were both professional and kept me updated throughout my case Great service, and always on hand for advice. I cant recommend a Solicitor firm better then this. Thanks for everything.



1 year ago

I was represented my Abbey solicitor ( imtiaz ). Can i say that i was very greatfull in the manner i was delt with. The representation i got was very very very good to put mildly. They instructed mr prowes as my barrister very skilful and tactful. He again went beyond client commitment am i greatfull to him as well.


1 year ago

My overall experience with Abbey Solicitors was excellent. The team kept me informed throughout the whole process, Mr Ali dealt with my case and I can not fault his dedication and commitment to ensuring you receive the highest possible customer service.

All my anxieties were met with compassion and empathy. I would highly recommend Abbey solicitors to anyone who requires help and guidance through difficult times.

Thank you Mr Ali & the whole team at Abbey Solicitors.


1 year ago

Do not use this company. The level of communication is poor. They are only after the fee that they get from the claim.
During my claim, they failed to follow up on medical treatment, and when challenged, told me it was my fault as I had not reminded them.
Did not provide breakdown of the claim and fee's.
Failed to disclose additional costs (10% of the claim went to an insurance fee in case of no claim awarded)


1 year ago

Imteyaz Ali has been an amazing legal representative through my ordeal. His legal insight, commitment, and customer focused dedication has been second to none. He has always gone beyond the call of duty, which makes him a cut above the rest and an invaluable asset to the legal community and Messrs Abbey Solicitors. I would recommend Mr Ali Esq, without any reservations. Thank you for your continued support and dedication Mr Ali.


1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant service from day one till the end.. recommend to anyone that needs a good solicitor.. five stars all the way.
Very professional great advice and service.
Definitely use again


1 year ago

Excellent group. Difficult case handled very well. Couldn't be in better hands. Will be using for the future.

Imteyaz Ali was superb. Helped during meetings, and maintained contact throughout. Always there when needed through this complex criminal case. I'm very thankful I was acquitted.

Brought in senior barrister who joined in to work as a team. brought everything on day of court and put my case forward beautifully.

I remain a free man, and its all the work these boys.

In all honesty, they go above and beyond. In the end its the passion and the belief in their client that makes everything work out.

Thanks again to the boys there!


2 years ago

Would recommend this firm to anyone. Very helpful staff who are well informed. They helped me immensely and would definitely use them again.


2 years ago

Abbey Solicitors Manchester should be struck off. The initial meeting went so well that I could not believe how confident they were about my case.
From the moment that I signed my legal aid papers and they got their money they just did not want to know me.
They only want your money and do not care in the slightest about you or your case.
They are nothing but business men that are out to grab as much money as possible from the system.
Once they have your money they move on to the next victim, saying all the right things until they get your money and then they move on again.
It鈥檚 just not fair that people like this should be allowed to trade in an industry that is supposed to care for people.
They have ruined my life through their lies and deceit.
Please do not make the mistake that I made. If you need a solicitor then you are in need of serious professional help.
Please go elsewhere as you will regret going with Abbey Solicitors.

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