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1 year ago

I had been going here since I adopted my cats. They had always been nice, until my beautiful Kitty became ill at a financially inconveinant time of the month. We had just had some unexpected expenses and I told them upfront that I'd have to pay them when I got my check on the 28th of the month, which was about two and a half weeks away. Due to my idiotic honesty, which I will regret the rest of my life, I lost my best friend. They were only permitted to do "emergency" treatment, which was a shot for pain, an anti-sickness injection, and antibiotic good for 3 days. The vet herself wanted to do blood work to determine what the issue was, but was not permitted by management. She improved for a few days, then rapidly declined, at which point I called back and took her in. At this point, there was nothing that could be done to save her. She was too dehydrated to even put her to sleep humanely because they could not get a vein. She died in pain, scared, with a needle in her heart. The part that I can not forgive is that the euthanasia administered cost more than the blood work would have that could have saved her life and they deferred THAT payment. Because getting paid immediately to save her was more important than saving her life, but they killed her and let me pay later even though it cost more. I have revisited every scenario in my head and If I could go back, there are 100 things I'd have done differently, including being honest with them about having to pay later because that cost my best friend her life. The staff sent a card, and a paw print and offered condolences, which is standard. I don't blame them, but their policy and the decision of their manager is the reason she died this way. For all we know, she could have been saved with proper treatment. I will never know. This kind of greed is disgusting and I will never ever bring any animal to this service again. I can't even drive past without bursting into tears. I'd have given a kidney to save her life, and I had to stand and watch them take her away because I had a few days left til payday. I'd have skipped rent, food, sold my car…but it is too late and I will never see my sweet girl again, but hey, they got paid on the 28th, just as I promised.


1 year ago

Dreadful experience with this vets

My dog has been wrongly diagnosed with arthritis and treated for arthritis for 6 months

Once another vet from a different surgery looked at my dog as he was getting no better from the medication, hydrotherapy and k lazer treatments – he within minutes identified the condition as not arthritis but in fact a bone cancer growth the size of a golf ball. He showed me the growth on the xray shared with him that Abbey vets has taken 6 months earlier and even a small child would have been able to see the flowing white ball attached to his hip.!

On questioning the vet at Abbey the vet said Ahhh yes I can see it. I didn't notice that.

On pointing out the smooth hip and that the other vet had said that 'if it was arthritic it would look rough not smooth' . The vet at Abbey just stood and said nothing.

When I asked for an explanation I was told mistakes happen

This is not good practice and I highlighted this to the practice and asked for a complaint to be lodged. I have asked for an update on my complaint on more than 6 occasions and still have no information on my complaints process.

I asked if there was anyone or a body externally I could complain to and was informed no.

I have now been to citizens advice and learnt that such practice is classed as malpractice and that the Royal society for vetinary practice can be contacted with regards to serious concerns about practice

Rather than sharing information and being positiveI I now have a team at the surgery who are making it difficult to get information, filles and treatment that my dog desperately needs.

I am disgusted at the practice in this surgery and would suggest any person wanting more than routine medication and check up s change to a different vets where if anything serious occurs they can identify it, treat it and be honest, trustworthy and positive with the dog and their owner.

I'm shocked that professionals working with animals don't care and think it's OK to just say accidents happen. That they don't prioritise improving practices and doing their best by all animals


1 year ago

Came here for my cat, they said it will be only a few hours. Haven鈥檛 heard back in 2 years where the hell is my cat. Abbey huh huh


1 year ago

If I could score 0 stars I would.
My cat became unwell and I took him to Abbey vets in Arbroath.
I got a call to pick him up and told he was given an injection, but I wouldn鈥檛 be charged for it.
Later that day he got worse so I took him back and the different vet I seen, head vet, said he would give him an injection. I told him that he had previously had an injection that day and the vet checked the file and said no he hadn鈥檛.
Since then, they have sold my file to a debt collection agency who calls me around 8 times a day. I would recommend everyone stays away, these vets are con men, scamming the elderly and lying about treatment to pets. Abbey vets are a risk to the public and to animals in general.


1 year ago

receptionist attitude left a lot to be desired. needs to be put on a course for customer relations.
Veterinary care has totally changed all the care and compassion has gone, it is all about how much money they can get from you.


3 years ago

I would just like to publicly thank Agnes Delehanty, vet at Durham Abbey or her care and professionalism today. My cat aged 17 was put to sleep and she did everything possible to make the situation as dignified and kind. Thankyou


3 years ago

I cannot praise this vets enough. Having recently moved into the area I found myself one evening with a pet dilemma. I phoned this surgery at 7pm. They were fully booked but heard my plea and stayed open later just to help me. They were very friendly, professional and empathetic. I cannot thank them enough.

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