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11 months ago

Being Blind and a new VI Archer was made so much easier by Abbey Archery.
Professional, Knowledgeable, and amazing Customer Service.
The Brisbane Team really know their craft and love what they do, it certainly shows.
Well done Abbey Archery Brisbane, 5* all the way!


3 years ago

After spending nearly $4000 with Abbey's. I decided to upgrade my old bow rather than spend $250 on new strings. So I ordered a diamond edge boondocks package online! After a week I hadn't received shipping advice so rang to enquire! After an hour on the phone while they tried to find my order they took my number and promised to call back directly. After an hour I got an email saying there was a problem with my order and they had refunded my ?! Well a week later I have no money, no Bow and there is no sign of it according to my bank! I have launched a dispute but it looks like I won't get my money back for at least 45 business days?. BE WARNED THIS COMPANY WILL RIP YOU OFF!


4 years ago

Bought a bear bow, 12months ago. For 6 months had issues with string strentch.
Long story short they kept twisting it, then they got the inhouse dude to make me one, took it up north, string stretched 15mm
I had to buy a new string rather than getting a new one from bear under warranty.
Missed out on 3 hunts due to this reason.
I over heard the manager trying to fob my off, telling the staff to blame my shooting. But was obvious as the peep keep changing position consistently!
Recently bout a drop away and sight, over a lmonth ago. They took my money on line and said would order it!
Only found out last night it was never ordered, the manager kept telling me it would be here, it's landed in Australia bla bla bla
6 weeks later no one ordered it, no one said anything just keep stringing me along I just bought the sight last night on the net, it's already posted with a tracking number.
Great staff but management is seriously lacking care factor of customers, only caring about $$$ customer service is the worst I've ever seen!
The sight was the last straw. I contacted bear archery in the states, they are disgusted with them, and will take the matter further.


6 years ago

After checking with Abbey Archery that they had the W&W items in stock that that they listed on their website in the wanted models and quantities I placed my order. When the items arrived they had sent the wrong models and wrong quantities at their financial loss as they had undercharged me for what they had actually sent compared to what I had ordered. After the items had been returned instead of cancelling the transaction they refunded the transaction so a different AU$:拢 buy:sell currency exchange rate was used so I made a loss of over AU$15 on the transaction to which they never replied to 2 emails about.


11 years ago

Great Company for all your archery supplies.

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