Reviews - Scam or Legit


2 months ago

This is the exact email I sent to their mgr that they still refuse to do anything for us on and their salesperson was deceptive and used deception in order for us to give our money to them. Once she had the money she went back on what she said and didn't do what she said she would and made us only get our temporary dentures when we were supposed 2 get temps, permanent and a 25 yr warranty for less than what they charged me for just my temp. I was quoted twice by them that for the temp dentures, perm dentures and 25 yr warranty all together would cost me at the very most for each my husband and myself of $1400. We only received temporary dentures and they charged us over that amount charging us $1500 for temp only which is $100 more than everything and they charged us an additional $500 each for 25 yr warranties that they now won't do anything for because they refuse to work on the temps past the 6month date they are good for. It cost us a total of $10500 when it took each of us only 15minutes to take out our teeth each and only I had the gas, my husband didnt at all and we each have temp dentures good for only 6 months where we haven't been able to eat anything except soft food, no solids for over a year. It sounds like other ppl are complaining over similar treatment. My original quote was that they would actually do the dentures on top for both of us with implants on the bottom for both of us and only after I gave the money did they change it up to full dentures only and then changed it again to just temp dentures only, ran my credit without my consent wanting me to pay even more for it. Now a year later their dentures are only $395 per arch and thats now what they want me to pay for each of us to get our permanent dentures when they originally told me that we would get that. I asked for my money back for approx 5 days where I was told I wouldn't get my money back and that I better do what I can or else I won't get my money back even though I hadn't done anything yet where I shouldn't get my money back and they said take it or leave it when I had another place that was going to give me my implants on the bottom and dentures on top which is what we both wanted for approx $1000 more and the only reason we went with Abbey dental is they said they could work with the 10,500 I had and get us both 2 get what we wanted in that price range and then after taking my money they changed what we could get with our money 2 times and wouldn't give us our money back especially when they wouldn't give me a break down of my costs til after the procedures were done which is when I learned that even what she quoted me for the temp, perm dentures and 15yr warranty was even more for just the temp dentures then all of it they quoted it wouldn't be any more than that amount which was before any work was done and that's after saying what we wanted with the dentures on top and 3 on the bottom full arch implants would be within our 10500 budget in order to get me to give them my money because I didn't want just dentures I wanted implants at the very least on the bottoms only because I know ppl who have dentures and the bottoms are always the problems and it took us 3-5 yrs saving up for this especially since I had to do it on a social security disability income of mine alone and has to take care of both of us which is extremely difficult to do and we barely survive on it and then trying to save money at the same time meant a lot of months where we weren't eating a lot of those months in order to save for dentures and bottom implants but then Abbey dental destroyed it all leaving us with broken temporarys they refuse to work on and I went in there again 2 weeks ago and they were supposed 2 talk to Jamee the mgr but she was out of the office but they were going to check once again if they can go ahead and give my husband and I at the very least our permanent dentures even though we should of already gotten our top perms and our bottom full implants like originally told we would get then it changed 2 perm dentures for both of us now down to nothing but temps only good 4 6months and 25yr warranties we each paid $500 for so that's $1000 total that they refuse to do anything on the warranty until we pay an additional $790 each for perm dentures so we would be spending a total almost $2800 each on the same thing we were quoted by 2 different employees at costing us no more than $1400 each and now they actually do it all for less by doing it at $790 total for everything and not the original $1400 total. But they say we have to pay for that when we have already been overcharged based on our quotes and what they promised to us and then went back on their word and wouldn't allow us our money back even though they hadn't started any of the process yet and then also wouldn't give us what promised either and wouldn't give us the breakdown of our costs. Below is just one of the many numerous letters I sent to the main mgr there after not getting any responses for over a year and kept trying 2 get what was promised 2 us and they refuse 2 acknowledge anything now but their asst mgr acknowledged wrong doing right after they did the work and apologized saying they didn't think it was intention 2b deceptive in order 2get our business but accepted that it was actually deceptive and apologized for what we went thru but said she couldn't authorize any monies off even though we were overcharged even what we were quoted for dentures knowing that we were completely screwed on our bottom implants originally promised. It's all very disgusting, unprofessional very deceptive sales practices and if you go on the reviews of ppl you can see we aren't the only ones they are doing this to. My husband is ready to get the media involved on this since they refused 2 give us what they promised us to begin with and he's tired along with myself on what they did illegally in order to get our money. It isn't right. They scammed us and now we don't have anything they promised in order to get our promised.
Here is one of the many letters I sent the main mgr, Jamee, which explains everything in details as to what they did, their deceptive sales practices that I haven't got any response on other that I signed off on it but of course I had to or else they told me I would get nothing for my $10500 I already gave them and it doesn't explain why they wouldn't allow me to have my breakdown of costs until after the work on us was complete. That didn't seem to be much because $10500 was paid for 15 minutes to take out my husbands teeth, 15 minutes to take out my teeth, gas for me only, my husband didn't take it, and for temporary dentures only good for 6 months and a 25 yr warranty that is not valid and they don't accept in order to get us what we need fixed. Both of us can't even wear our bottom temp dentures and both of us have broken top temp dentures so we basically spent over $10k on nothing because it really is insane what we were charged for temp garbage that does nothing for us. I would've walked away without paying and just saved up the other $1000 from the other dental place that it would've cost us to get bottom implants for both of us and get dentures on top for both of us that included temp and permanent dentures and easily would've saved the $1000 to do it but I didn't have that choice because Abbey dental lied and told me they could give me exactly the same thing within my $10500 budget and took my money and once they got my money they told me they couldn't do it for that price and needed $4k more and then said for dentures only needed $2k more and ran my credit without my approval in order to get funding to do that when I told her I wasn't interested in doing that at all. I want what I was told she could do or else I want my money back so I can go to my other place I was quoted and get the price they would do it with bottom implants for only $1000 for and she told me she would not be able to get my money back to me and it's within their right to keep all of my money if they want even though they hadn't even started the work on any of it so they weren't able to just take my money but then refused it back and would only give me the option to do what they could or else I lose all my money and get nothing done. It's so wrong. I'm only 42yrs old, my husband 44yrs old. We were good looking ppl before this. Now because of us not being able to smile and not be able to eat much at all with just our tops and can't eat anything at all with our bottoms in, we look hideous and it's caused us not to be able to eat solid foods. It means eating a lot of ice cream, yogurt, and super soft foods which has made me gain a bunch of weight and my husband had lost 50 pounds of muscle. You would be shocked at the differences in us! It's disgusting what they have done to us and have basically stolen our money!
Here's one of three many letters I sent:
Im have been trying to contact you for over a year and a half now With no luck which means I haven't been able to get resolution on problems I have had with my service there for over a year and a half until I finally got your email address after several attempts to speak to you in person and that went nowhere because you were too busy. My next action if this gets me nowhere is with the FTC and possibly courts if it can't be resolved because my husband and I have been wronged by the person who originally was our "saleperson" And also by your company.
Even before I came and spoke to your salesperson, over the phone I asked your telephone person how much was the most that dentures would cost me and my husband. They told me the most I would pay for each of us would be a total of $1400 for both the temp healing dentures and permanent teeth would cost each of us $1400 at the most. When I got in front of your salesperson I got the same response. Unfortunately when I signed up to get them I had immediately put down $10250 on that day for both my husband and myself. Unfortunately your salesperson refused to give me a breakdown of cost and told me that in order to get everything done I needed at least $2k more for just dentures when originally she told me she could work within the $10k I had for both of us in order for us to get top dentures and bottom implants for both of us. I asked for our breakdown in costs and she refused. I asked for my money back and she also refused. She said she wasn't responsible for giving back our money and that we needed to get this taken care of. At this point we had nothing done so I should've gotten all of my money back but she refused and she refused to give me a breakdown of all my costs as well to see what was costing so much that it couldn't all be done being that the most the actual dentures would cost was $2800 for both of us for full dentures temp and perm and they said it included a 25 year warranty. That meant there was over $7400 left from what I gave and my husband wasn't going under anesthesia either. Every time I asked questions and caught her in telling me lies on costs she would change her story but would never give me the breakdown. I kept requesting my money back to go elsewhere and she refused to give me my money back. This went on for days. I'm an accountant and I wrote every thing down that she told me so it was very easy to catch the dishonesty and all the sales techniques because I used to work in time share as a director of admin so I dealt with salespeople on a daily basis and know all of the tricks real well and from the very start her story kept changing as I questioned prices that she quoted me earlier with breaking down the costs and then would back pedal on those and come up with different amounts. She even ran my credit without them getting my authorization and then the actual amount she had down to be under credit went and doubled what I supposedly owed before the interest was even put in which I then thought was a serious scam! She told me because I couldn't pay the almost $2k up front and needed to put it on credit, it was going to double the amount of credit I needed in order to get it done and that was absolutely ridiculous. What she was telling me it was going to cost was the same amount it was going to cost me elsewhere for my husband and I to get implants on the bottoms and dentures on the top for both of us and that was far different from first stating she can work within my $10k for dentures on top implants on the bottom but then went to including only full perm dentures so I definitely wanted my money back because at the start of my visit I told her I had no more than $10k for both of us to get everything completed with only top dentures and bottom implants and that's all I had to work with so she needed to let me know if that was feasible or not cause if not then I would just spend the little over $11k somewhere else and both of us would get all our teeth removed and then get bottom implants which is what we wanted and perm dentures on top both healing and perm and that included anesthesia for both of us having all our teeth removed. I gave her our xrays etc so to let me know now so I didn't waste either of our time and she then had me do additional xrays that she said would be credited back to me once we started so I paid $250 extra then the $10k for us both to get those when it only cost me $100 at the place prior that did something newer than xrays, not xrays I'm thinking it was some kind of scan so right off the bat I thought that that was high and I had given ours but b/c it would be credited back if we decided to go thru with the work with you, so I said ok because she told me that it shouldn't be a problem to come up with a price for us in our price range of $10k. Once she got them back I asked if what we wanted could be done within the $10k I provided and she said absolutely we can work with that after she supposedly spoke with a doctor. So at that time I gave her most of the $10k. It was then that she said the doc would come in and tell us about everything while she worked up the actual numbers for us. At this point we had been in your office for almost 2.5hours. When she got back to me saying she needed approx $2k more and it would include temp and perm dentures for top and bottom, not lower implants like we needed, I said no, I told you I only had $10k and you said you could definitely work within that amount and now after giving you most of that $10k your now telling me something completely different saying I don't have enough money for something I didn't even want because I wanted lower implants, not lower dentures. She worked up both of us taking anesthesia so she said she could cut some costs with my husband not taking anesthesia but it would still only be dentures for top and bottoms. I said so your within the $10k then with that at least. She said no. I asked well If the most the dentures cost for healing and perm dentures is $1400 for each of us, that still, leaves $7400 for taking our teeth out. That includes the 25 yr warranty correct, and she said its included in the $1400. So I asked what the problem is. Where are we at on each tooth being pulled so I can see what it is I'm paying for, I had given her the cash already at that point so I should be able to see what my costs were and she then told me I couldn't get those until after the procedure. She was talking in circles and couldn't come up with my breakdowns of cost so I immediately wanted my money back. At this point we had been in your office for over 5hrs, the office was dark and she said she couldn't give me my money back we needed to work With her & no one was there to refund my money. I said I wanted to talk to a mgr 1st thing in the morning and I wanted her to talk to her mgr and get me my money back 1st a.m. and that I don't do purchases that I don't know what im paying for and I don't know what kind of operation that's run here but this is wrong and unlawful not to give me my money back and she is running a scam doing this to people. We left. The next 3 says straight she was texting me and I stated I wanted my money back numerous times and she said she spoke to her mgr who told her that once the process is started they weren't required to give me back my money but nothing had been done yet for us, we had paid up front and were duped! I called for a mgr but only got my calls returned by the sales rep that I said I had a major problem with and didn't like the scam she was trying to run on me not returning money but no mgr ever called me back. After days of me telling her I want my money back and her telling me I cant get it back she told me she could cut out our perm teeth which will give us time to make up the additional we need for that because we can't have our money back we reluctantly agreed because we had no other option and she was refusing our money back, mgmt never called us and I couldn't get my breakdown but I did let her know I would still be contacting mgmt and I wanted my breakdown because she screwed me out of getting implants in my bottoms and I had and still have a major problem with that! Well the date the procedures to take all of our teeth had come for both of us and each had only taken your doctors 15-20 minutes tops probably shorter it was so quick for both of us. I found that to be insane considering I didn't have enough to get bottom implants let alone permanent dentures for both of us but it cost over $7400 for a total of 30 minutes of work at the most and that was only with one of us getting anesthesia that It cut into the $1400 each to get our perm dentures that we had to sign off that we couldn't get them & didn't get that documentation to until we went in for extractions & weren't a part of our 1st contracts signed which was so foul after everything else and extremely foul after only 30 minutes or less for paying over $7400 and only one of us had anesthesia for like $1500 so less than 30 minutes of work for almost $6k?!? What I found even more confusing is that each of us got a 25 yr warranty on our dentures afterwards that was supposedly part of what we paid for so we had a 25 year warranty on full dentures but we were only allowed to get our temporary dentures?!? That's impossible! If that's so & we have 25 yr warranty on temps at the very least since we paid an additional amt for 25 yr warranty whwn it was supposed to be in the original quoted price of $1400 for temp, perm and 25 yr warranty. But if it only includes temp which is stl wrong but if it is, then both of us have already should've had them replaced as both of us have major problems that your doctors won't do anything about because we supposedly can't per the front desk whom they ask since we didn't pay for our full perm dentures which is actually wrong because once I got the breakdown, not only did I pay for the full dentures as well, but I overpaid for both them temp and perm dentures together, so it isn't that I didn't pay for them because I over paid for them considering my temp dentures price was almost $1500 as was my husbands for almost $1500 and the 25 yr warranty was supposed to be included in that price but we overpaid even more because we then were charged an additional price for each of our 25 yr warranties for both of us so we are talking paying a serious amount over for something that we are told that we didn't even get because we hadn't paid for at all! That's incorrect because both quotes that I was told the absolute most that it would cost with your company for healing temp dentures, permanent dentures and the 25 yr warranty for all of it would never cost more than a total of $1400 where both of our breakdown in prices show my husband and I both over paying by a significant amount for just temps which is absolutely deception and deceptive business practices especially since I couldn't even get a breakdown of costs til after the procedures were completed and wasn't ever go en my money back even before anything was actually done with your company/business when I would've never even given you the money had I not been told that my $10k was enough to work with for my husband and I both to get top temp and permanent dentures along with bottom implants which is what we wanted and would've gotten for just over $1k more with another business had you given me my money back which you should've done since nothing had been done by your company at that point and I wouldn't have even spent the extra $250 for teeth scans because then I would've only been less than $1k away from my implants elsewhere but I was lied go in order for your sales rep to get my money and I wasn't able to get my money back even before you did anything with either my husband of myself but once again your sales rep used deceptive sales practices in order to get and keep my business when I would've gotten exactly what I wanted elsewhere for a little big above that I could've easily had the rest of the money required for payment in full from the other businesses giving me quotes that included total breakdowns of cost from the start by the next month and they would've started all of it even with only approx $1k left to pay and we both wouldn't gave gone thru hell for almost 2yrs now and hell for a lot longer because we are stuck with something we didn't want because of your deceptive sales practices.

Funny thing is that I finally got that breakdown of costs where it shows both my husband and I paid more than $1400 each for just the temp dentures for both of us when the total cost we were told twice before even putting our money down was that the most it would cost us for both our temps and perm dentures and the 25 year warranty would be no more than $1400 for each of us but we both paid over $1400 for our temps alone and paid additional amounts for the 25 year warranty! That's so wrong! Everything about this is wrong!

When I tried to talk to you another time I was given someone who was the assistant mgr who apologized for all that we had been thru and was understanding how we felt scammed and duped and felt horribly for how incorrectly the sales rep handled us and said that it wasn't at all what your business and sales practices usually are and it seems that sales rep needs more training and that we should've gotten our money back and should've been given a breakdown of costs right away. She said she understood why we felt the way we do and how we were made to feel was completely understandable for what we went thru and how we would've had implants on bottom like we wanted and more should've been said by the sales rep to explain that dentures on top and bottom wouldn't be at all what we wanted and should've given us our money back if it wasn't within their prices to do it especially because our quotes weren't that much different. I even explained that they had a thing on t.v. for the quotes being within q specific range and getting additional monies off but when I explained that to the sales rep and showed her my quote but wouldn't allow her to make a copy of my quote, she refused to give me the discounts stated over t.v. but the tv didn't say anything about them needing my quote to be copied and why was it that I am able to get quotes elsewhere with breakdowns but I couldn't get my breakdown even after I pay but wasn't allowed to get it till after it was done but you guys wanted me to provide you with my quote from another business or else you wouldnt provide the discount from the t.v. which is fraudulent because your promoting something but not actually going by the advertisements that state otherwise which is false advertisements about how you will be within a specific amount lower than every other place in Clark county but then you want from me what your not even willing to provide me til after I actually get the work done even after paying for it but nor would you allow me to get my money back to go with the 2 other quotes I received that wouldve been cheaper than yours even if you had given me the discount you advertised you would do if you weren't a specific amount lower than the discount. That's also some majorly deceptive sales practices which is why I have every right to go to the Federal Trade Commission and the Nevada Attorney General regarding your sales practices and how wronged my husband and I were done. She explained that she totally understood and it was completely wrong what was done to us and to please give the opportunity to make this right for us. She explained my salesperson was new at the time and although she deceived us and did some very questionable and totally wrong business and sales practices that she in no way agreed with, it would not have happened had we been with a more seasoned sales rep, those are not your company's policies or way that you do business, I shouldve been able to get my money back and I should've been able to get my breakdown of costs before I even gave any money to them or confirmed if I wanted it or not. She apologized but thought the sales rep was just new and meant no harm but agreed that It had not been handled correctly nor was the situation at all and then offered to have both of our perm dentures given to us at no more than $600 total for both of us combined due to all the problems and misrepresentations and that she would note our accounts as such. I let her know that that wasn't good enough. She said anything else would need to go thru Jamee and that she would talk to her about all of if and see what can be done about lower implants and at the very least to be able to get our permanent dentures that are good for 25 yrs once she speaks to the mgr Jamee. She would get back to me or most likely Jamee would be getting back to me with what would be done for both my husband andy and myself because this, isn't how they do business and wants us happy with our service and not dissatisfied over mistakes by a new sales rep that had gone very wrong and should've never gotten that out of hand and she apologizes for all that I had been thru by that point and she will speak to Jamee to see what they can do to make things right. She honestly sounded as if she undersTood and felt really really terrible regarding the whole situation and wasn't happy with what we were told, not told, there was no transparancy and It looked as though they were deceptive sales practices and understands why we thought that these were 100% deceptive sales practices, she truly believed the sales rep was a lovely girl who just wasn't trained properly or enough and took things on herself and got herself confused and jumbled it up and then tried to correct it herself even making wven more mistakes in the process which just added even more deceptive and even less Transperancy which ended up having her going against their business practices including not allowing to refund my money and not giving me a copy of the breakdown of Costa even before I make the decision whether I want your service or not, especially when I requested if right away when I first got the amount overthe$10k she initially said that wouldn't be a problem to work within to get what we wanted.

I was first supposed to get for both my husband and myself all of our teeth removed and our healing and permanent dentures for the tops and implants on our bottoms all with a 25 yr warranty all within my $10k total ability to pay that I didn't want to waste my time with otherwise or your time since I had a quote that wasn't so far off that I would have the difference within a month or two to get the little over $1k more to do then what I had to work with.

The only reason I came to Abbey dental was because of your commercial at the time stating you would be within a specific price of your competitors or else you would discount the price by a specifoc amount which did not happen when you originally could work within my $10k which she then got my money once she said she could do it within the 10k and the commercial didn't even factor until that wasn't truthful after I gave most of the $10k down right away after she guaranteed they could work within that for both of us after going to the doctor after seeing the scans she made me pay $250 for after I already provided them from another place I had gone to and got those $100 & your commercial said no charge for scans if you can bring them which we went out of our way to not have to pay for them but after she said it would be within our $10k total amount we had and not a penny more to get done. She said if we do the scans she would refund the cost once we get the work done.

Once the scans by your company were done and the doc looked at those and she spoke to them, she said yes it could be done within in the $10k total I had to get this all done it was only after this and after she conned me into putting almost the entire $10k down having put down $8250 that she then told me I needed $2k more to do dentures top and bottom only and I immediately asked for all my money back and Imediately said she conned us, scammed us, duped us whatever but I want my money back now. That's when she starts back pedaling etc and this was the start of the disaster that your company put us through and nightmare of what this ended up being and it isn't even the end and the hell I would go thru physically because of not being able to eat anything that isn't soft and even then I can't eat with bottom dentures in at all! It's disgusting and the fixadent is the only thing I taste and once I begin to eat they immediately get loose and start popping out so it's impossible to eat with my healing denture bottoms at all.

After lying about what she could originally get done thru your company within our $10k total amount available for this, we were supposed to get the temp, perm dentures, & 25 yr warranty for no more than $1400. It was what I was quoted over the phone at the beginning when I set the appt as well as what your sales rep also said after she originally lied to us about what our money would definitely be able to get us and then again when she lied and told us it would definitely get us at the very least our tops and bottoms both dentures temp and perm with 25 yr warranty but instead we both paid over $1400 actually both of us paid almost $1500 just for our temps alone and then paid additional costs for the 25 yr warranty each so we are talking more than $1500 maybe even more than $1600, I don't have the breakdowns on me at the moment so I'm not looking at it right at this time but I do have both of our breakdown costs and to be honest per tooth, the cost was really out of line as well compared to others.

There was a commercial out not long ago that was about dentistry that showed exactly what the cost of extracting teeth should cost per tooth and that anything over in Clark county would be overpaying which was nothing over $100 or else it was overpaying for teeth extractions and ours we're quite a bit over and to be honest when it only took the dentist 15-20 minutes tops for extractions, I know that we overpaid on all of it considering it cost us over $7400 to extract both of us and only I took the like $1500 anesthesia cost so it was really overpaid on for only 15 minutes each that we were in getting teeth extracted.

Besides, what I was charged by you guys to get only temps in and that means not much else because of the fact we can't get really anything much done under the 25 yr warranty because it won't get us even new temporary dentures when they need to be done which is so wrong in and of itself based on the fact that I have 25 yr warranties, the least that could be done is having temps replaced when needed throughout those 25 yrs but I was going to be able to get temp and full dentures on top with implants on the bottoms for both of us for a little over $1k more than what we spent with you which is why I didn't want to even do it with you and kept demanding my money back before I even started anything with you guys and then finding out that I paid more on just temps then what I was quoted by your phone person and my sales rep for temps perm and 25 yr warranty on all is absolutely ridiculous. It's also ridiculous that it cost us so much in dental extractions when we were both done with them in a combined total of 30minutes. I could've had implants which means we wouldn't have had to spend the last year and a half almost 2 years of not being able to eat anything but yogurt and ice cream which has cost me a lot in weight gain and further problems healthwise while my husband has gone the exact opposite way of major muscle loss and weight loss because he can't get all of his protein due to both of us not a ow to eat with our lower dentures in that we could've done with both of us having lower implants that we unfortunately couldn't do after we couldn't get our money back but I should've been able to do.

Honestly im angriest about that because we really wanted lower implants and you guys were completely outrageous with those prices back then that right after wards everyone started to go down in costs that im sure had I waited 6 months which was my plan after your sales rep tried to dupe me and I wanted my money back, I would've been able to get my lower implants with upper perm dentures for the amount that I paid you with the other 2 companies that I got prices from, most definitely the one company for sure I would've been able to do it with and for sure with the 2nd one if I had gotten it done with them last year but your place of business and your sales rep denied me my rights and the ability to get them with one of those other denture and implants establishments when I was told I could not get my money back even though nothing had been done and when I was told it would be under $10k total for both of us for perm dentures which is when I signed all the docs to begin with and then wasn't given the doc where you refuse to give me my perm dentures until I went in to get them done but at that time I was refused to get my money back and still refused to be able to see what the breakdown of prices was going to be and that's before dentists only spent 15 minutes on each of us to remove all of our teeth that we even had left even though both of us were told that we had extremely loose teeth that are going to end up falling out easily very soon which is why it was so easy for them to do soquickly but doesn't equate to the price we were charged in order to get it all done.

So in the end you guys not only duped us out of our perm teeth and charged us for a worthless 25 yr warranty that you won't uphold either, but you duped us out of being able to get our lower bottom implants and duped us out of good health for almost 2 years now and more to come since I was also lies about what full dentures would be like that they are nothing like for either of us and had been absolutely horrific and not at all told what they would really be like because I came in adament on lower bottom implants being a must because the quotes I already received were close to the $10k I had but we werent quite there yet and came into you originally to see if u could get within that $10k range for that and she originally said we can work within that for top dentures lower implants and that's why I started with you and in the end got nowhere near what I was told you could do for us and was totally duped and scammed and overpaid from what I was originally told by your company and could've and would've gotten done with another company had I gotten my money back but you guys illegally held it not giving it back forcing me to work with your company and then getting screwed with what you even quoted me at and not even getting that nor not getting my actual breakdown of costs til we had our temp dentures in and that is bad business and so is the fact that I haven't been able to get to to you in almost 2 years not getting any help or getting what we should've been given almost 2 years ago since we paid well over the price we were quoted for them and were duped out of what we were originally told would be possible within the $10k cash we were able to afford! Your assist mgr felt for us and understood what we went thru and was only able to provide us with the $600 to do both our perm total but seeing as I already overpaid what the quote was on it all, that wasn't good enough and she understood that. She said if was then up to you and now that was the last time I was able to get anything done with your company the last time which means nothing being done with us for a year because everyone said I had to wait for you until I finally came in and they allowed me some help but both docs agreed my husband and I need our top perm dentures & bottom implants, or need both dentures permanent to get things better for us because their hands are tied before they can do anything else including warranty work on our 25 yr warranty we overpaid for and the temps we overpaid for until we speak with mgmt because the front deal tells them they can't do anything for us. Before I go to the FTC and Attorney General I need to hear back from you because I have been waiting to escalate this further without giving you the chance to correct this. At this point if nothing is done, then that is my next step and then after that then I wouldn't have any other choice then to take this a step farther with either mediation, arbitration, or even the court system because this is so wrong as is the amount of time this has taken without any resolution at all when we have been so wronged by deceptive sales practices in order to obtain our business and our money for the work and then duping into having to do business with you when we didn't want to get it done thru you because we had more being done for less than what you could do it for but weren't gold that til after getting me to give you almost the entire amount of $10k then not giving my money back and then not having me sign for nor getting permanent dentures til after you wouldnt give me my money back which I kept asking for before anything was ever done at all thru your company! I need to get a response to this within the week & if I don't then I know that I will have to es'ulate this which is what I don't want to do but an very well prepared to do with all of my backup documentation etc where I have been trying to get this handled for almost 2 yrs now and asked for money back right away when you couldn't do what I was told you could do to get me to give you all my money!

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