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5 months ago

Our house has quality issues and despite all the promises made and expectations set during the sales cycle, here were are with a catalogue of issues that we are still waiting on.

Their customer care is virtually non-existent, emails to them go into a black hole and there is minimal communications on when issues will be fixed, and when tradesmen come round, it's pot luck on the timing they show up vs. when they were supposed to come around.

Part of the 'package' is a 'painter for a day', which has proven to be pretty pointless as we have countless cracks in our walls and ceilings, not to mention the popped screws from the plasterboard. All of this is put down to 'settlement' and to be expected. It has been so bad that I had to reattach one sheet myself because 3 screws in a row had popped, the entire sheet was bowing and looking like it would drop off at any time.

Additional problems:
Cracks in the shower, making it unusable. Its happened 2 times now, first time it took a couple of weeks to resolve. Second time, 6 weeks from when it was reported to when it is planned to resolve.

Extractor fan ducting has separated in the attic, meaning that the damp air vented from the bathroom is going into the roof space, where we have stuff stored. We are still waiting on that to be resolved, 6 weeks and counting.

Unfortunately not just our problem, talking to the neighbours, seems like they have similar issues and similar frustrations.

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