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1 year ago

Website used:
Move details: Birmingham to Leicester (60 miles)
Company used: Abbey removal
Price: 拢495 (prices from other companies ranged between 拢290 through to 拢1000)
Damage cause: dented wall, chip to skirting board, damage to armchair and bedframe
General points: Poor customer service. Nas was happy to chase and take money, but fails to respond to resolve issues, using the excuse of being very busy.

This was my first time using a removal company, so I decided to use to research and locate a suitable company. I initially enquired on Tuesday 6th August and within a day I had received several calls from various companies. As mentioned above, each company varied massively in price and supposedly offered a similar service. Having read some of the reviews, I decided to go with Abbey removal. Nas seemed reasonable, he explained what the company offered (3 individuals who will support the move and insurance cover of 拢25,000, which is an important factor). I booked the move for 21st August.
Problem 1 鈥?initial booking needed changing
I initially booked the move for 21st August, however Nas called the following day to inform me that some of his staff were not available as they were on holiday. I completely understand that these things happen, so I didn鈥檛 think too much of this. I received notification early, so we rearranged the removal for the following day.
Problem 2 鈥?late arrival
I was told that the removal team would arrive at 9am, however they arrived 30 minutes late. Again, I appreciate morning Birmingham traffic can cause delays, but I received no notification of the delay by the team. I had to ask Nas where the team were, and I simply got a number to ring.
Problem 3 鈥?鈥淕ot the wrong team鈥?br />
I walked the team through the rooms and informed the team that the furniture is expensive. As the team started moving items, I overheard one of the members saying, 鈥淚鈥檝e got the wrong team today,鈥?which provided me no confidence, which was shown when the team started moving some of the furniture into the van without wrapping/protecting the items. I had to stop them and ask for the items to be wrapped/protected before moving them to the van.
Problem 4 鈥?damage caused to the walls, which team failed to communicate
To their benefit the guys were efficient getting the furniture into the van (within 3 hours), which was good; however, before leaving Birmingham I wanted to check that the walls had not damaged. I walked around the house with one of the members and noted a few chips/dents to the wall and skirting board. When I identified the damage to the individual, I was left feeling very frustrated with his response, 鈥淵es, I know about that because I made that.鈥?I appreciate that some accidental damage can be caused, however, the frustrating part was the fact that this was not highlighted by the individual earlier on. I had to insist that we review the house before leaving whilst the team were ready to start their journey to Leicester. The individual who caused the damage said he would be able to pop down the following day to fix the problems, which was later contradicted by Nas, stating that this individual had only been at the company for 6-8 weeks (i.e. reinforcing the other team member鈥檚 point 鈥?not the right team).
Problem 5 鈥?damage to furniture
Having arrived at Leicester, the next phase of moving the furniture to Leicester seemed to go smoothly. However, two of the velvet armchairs had been damaged (each worth 拢700). I informed the team and I was told to take pictures and send them to Nas.
The pictures of the damaged items were sent to the Nas, who rang to run through the procedure of recovering costs for damaged items, which were along the lines of: spend the next few days to check items and send pictures, once you鈥檙e happy you鈥檝e checked the items, Nas will confirm best method of recovering costs i.e. either insurance or reimbursement of costs. Nas mentioned he was busy with a few more moves during the weekend but would be free to address this early on next week.
At the booking stage, I informed Nas that I would make a payment via bank transfer. I was provided details on the day and throughout the day Nas messaged to ask about payment. Although very busy, he was very good at chasing for payment. NB: Payment made on 23rd August.
Problem 7 鈥?more damage
Following review of the items, I noticed that the bedframe had been dented (NB: bedframe 拢1,000). I sent this image to Nas and his response was 鈥淚鈥檓 at work at the moment will call you tomorrow evening.鈥?No call and that鈥檚 when it became ridiculously difficult to get hold of him. I rang and no answer. I messaged to ask for a call back, no answer. However, as all messages were through WhatsApp, I could see Nas was online and saw/read my messages 鈥?Yes, frustrating.
Problem 8 鈥?Final response
Having waited more than a week and having tried to give Nas the benefit of the doubt, I decided to send him a final message, which were along the lines of: This is getting really frustrating, please contact me. I can see you鈥檙e reading my messages, but not replying. I want to run through the problems and get them resolved. If this doesn鈥檛 get resolved, I will leave a bad review as this has been a bad experience.
Bang, this clearly hit a nerve and I finally heard back from Nas, but not with a professional response. He accused me of threatening him and therefore would not reimburse me.
If you want someone that is money driven and shows no customer service, feel free to book Abbey Removal. However, I would recommend not using this company. Expensive furniture damaged and no accountability to resolve the matter from the company.

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