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1 year ago

Do not return anything as they will claim it is damaged and refuse to refund you DO NOT BUY FOR THEM


2 years ago

Can't comment on quality of work since we haven't gotten the product but can on service (or lack thereof) received – absolutely useless. Here's a list of issues:

1. Back & forth emails with the company arguing over a shipping refund after the package wasn't received within the shipping time frame selected (Next Day Air for $58.00!!).
2. Their refusal to send a return label until the product is received (which, sorry, doesn't make sense).
3. The withdrawal of the offer of a return label (meaning yes, a label was on the table initially) instead stating I'm now responsible for the return shipping fee on top of the astronomical shipping fee already paid to get the item (which I still haven't received).,
4. The possibility of, even if the item is received AND returned, not getting the ridiculously high shipping charge refunded for product that was late AND will be returned when/if it is received.

Tips for the company:

Don't have a site that offers 'Next Day Air' as a shipping method and then state having it delivered 3 days later still counts as next day. No, that's not how that works.

Also, helpful hint, don't insult your customer's intelligence by telling them they don't understand what Next Day Air means……c'mon, really?

Fighting this charge with my credit card.


2 years ago

I wanted to return an item. They said it was a clearance (nonreturnable) item. The notice of the item being clearance was posted ONLY on the entry page to their website. I did not go through the entry page – I went directly to the item page – and hence did not see the clearance notification (which, again, was ONLY on the entry page to their website! – not on the unit's page, not on the shopping cart!). They are adamant that they will not accept the item as a return, even with this knowledge. This is a sad way to do business.

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