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7 years ago

I ordered a camera and had the order confirmed. Three days later I got an email to say that the order had been "declined". I subsequently telephoned to find out what had happened and it was suggested that my credit card may have been declined, I should check with my bank but they would call me back. I expressed surprise because I knew that my card was fine but could conceive that the bank's anti-fraud process had blocked an Internet transaction. The bank confirmed that they had authorised the transaction. ABC didn't bother to call back so after a couple of hours I called them. After re-telling my story I was put through to "someone who could help" – with whom I had to go through the tale for a third time. The camera was a Fufi X100 and ABC were showing a good price on what I knew was a model that had been replaced by the X100S. The third person admitted that they didn't have the camera and couldn't get it. By this time the number of alternative supplies was dwindling – but of course ABC could supply the new model. Turns out that they had sold their last X100 a couple of days before my order was accepted but they hadn't bother to keep their site up to date. So if you fancy buying a camera from them – call to make sure that they have the thing in stock to actually sell to you. They were perfectly polite, if not really apologetic – but that doesn't remove the frustration of thinking that you have bought a camera that's on its way only to find that you're back to square one.

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