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2 years ago

I was a member of Anytime Fitness, I moved out of state and tried to cancel my membership at the end of it's term. I was able to give written notification and spoke with the gym and ABC Financial. The following day I recieved notification that my membership would be cancelled, but they were still going to charge me for another month because they needed 30 days instead of the 27 days I gave them. I cannot believe that there is no way an exception could be made. This company obviously feels that taking an extra $40 is more important than having a satisfied customer.


3 years ago

I made a contract with this company for a gym I was attending and had sent an email to have it canceled in November and was not charged for that month, thinking everything was ok I went on with my life and took a vacation to then find out that they made 3 different transactions on me the next month of December and still never cancelled it and finally cancelled it in January after saying that they supposedly never got my email from November or my other ones in January except one even though i sent them a picture showing that I did indeed send them one in November. I checked to make sure that I did send more then one in January and I rechecked it many times to make sure that I indeed did send it to the right email yet they said that they supposedly only got one of my emails which shows that their servers don't work or that they possibly have a bot that deletes some emails containing cancellation words and the only true reason they answered was because I ended up calling after finally being helped by a kind employee at the gym. I would never recommend this business to anyone due to the fact that they stand by their negative reviews across all the internet which I should have looked into before making this decision which makes it my fault for trusting that they were a company that you can trust making payments to every month and that when the time came that they would respect your wishes to leave after the agreement was over.


7 years ago

This second party dealer handled the payments for my gym (Sweat fitness) and screwed up multiple times in the processing of my termination. First, I was never told that cancellation required a 60 day notice to ABC financial (I had only notified my gym itself). Second, the trainer at my gym (whose name I will leave out of here for privacy) never registered my termination with ABC financial. Lastly, when I called ABC financial to straighten things out, they informed me that they would't back date my cancellation fee so in the end I had to pay four additional months for a gym membership in the US while I was starting a faculty position in Copenhagen. Way to go ABC financial…

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