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2 months ago

I brought my 2 year old daughter here for her first dental appointment. It was a good experience and I liked the dentist, but the next time we came in, I was told she was no longer with the practice. The new dentist completely traumatized my daughter. My daughter had just turned 3 years old at the time. The new dentist found 4 cavities and decided to fill them on the spot. She said they were small enough to drill without Novocain. She had me hold her down while she tried drilling her teeth. My daughter was lying on top of me in the chair while I held her arms down and her legs down with mine wrapped around hers. My daughter is feeling trapped and violated and the one person that she counts on to keep her safe is going along with this terrible plan. My daughter was hyperventilating and shaking immensely. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and fighting me to get an arm or leg loose. As a mom, I am still so mad and disappointed in myself that I allowed this to happen. I should of stopped it and I didn鈥檛. The dentist kept saying it鈥檚 ok if she screams, her mouth is open, you just need to keep her still so she doesn鈥檛 get hurt. So that鈥檚 what I did. She also said… 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry she won鈥檛 remember this.鈥?The kicker is that after she drilled on two of the four teeth and realized how difficult this was, she gave me the option of painting on Silver Diamine which stops the decay from getting any worse. Why was I not given this option first?? These are baby teeth! All they do is paint it on and then we would wait until she is older to be able to handle a drill in her mouth and hopefully old enough to be able to have Novocain. My daughter is now 5 and unfortunately she clearly remembers everything!! We now go to a different dentist that specializes in kids that were traumatized. My daughter now has to be put under general anesthesia because her panic attacks are so bad when lying in the dentist chair. Thanks a lot ABC Dentistry for such a horrible experience!!

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