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8 years ago

I've purchased numerous items from this company over the past few years. It originally was only available to businesses but they then opened it up to everyone. Since opening it up to everyone I found that their customer service is lacking and their product choices are getting worse.

In May 2012, I purchased a series of items and was informed after the purchase that one of the items was on back-order until June, being as it was towards the end of May I didn't think anything by it and expected to receive a separate package a few weeks later. A few weeks came and went, no package, I logged back in and it still told me June 12th, 2012, even though it was July 10th. I emailed customer service, never to receive a response. I could not cancel the order being as the other items had already shipped to me and since no one would respond to me with any helpful information via email OR phone, I had to resort in doing a charge-back on my credit card for the amount that they were holding for this 'backordered' purchase.

Of course after they see the charge-back in their billing department I finally get a response TO MY ORIGINAL EMAIL dated in middle of June (now we're in August) claiming my requests were never received (seriously now?). They said that the item isn't on backorder, it's actually off of their website all together and won't be returning. That's fine and dandy, but they – at the very least – could have informed those waiting on the pending order (since they were nice enough to take the money for it anyway).

I've only had ONE bad dealing with this company, and honestly prior to this issue I was very happy with their service being as everything else from this particular order was received promptly and in brand new/working condition. The items missing from the order that caused all of the issues are the only reason I'm hesitant to use this company again.

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