AbCirclePro Reviews - AbCirclePro Scam or Legit


9 years ago

when i am working out on abcircle i can feel the burn in abs and buttocks which is great, but the knee bowls are either not deep enough or not extended out enough. i have slipped out of knee bowls during workout and really hurt myself. is there anything that can be done to improve this?


11 years ago

Just recieved ab circle pro, while putting it together discovered it is defective, can't screw in knee pad due to metal blocking hole. Called company for replacemnet and was told they can't ship a new one until defective one is returned, it will take 3 weeks!!! I told them to just pick up defective one and credit my card with allcharges since it is defective. They said NO CREDITS FOR RETURNS OR 14.95 trial even if product is defective, DO NOT ORDER THIS MACHINE COMPANY IS NOT REPUTABLE


11 years ago

One of my friends has this product and his review for this was awful. The only thing that he did say this product worked for was his sex life. Apparently guys can hump better if they do the leg work and exercises on this machine * so im giving it a heart on this site* otherwise the product is not recommended. Just get a wii fit, works and is fun!


11 years ago

Not a bad piece of equipment as it does a great job of hitting obliques. The thing you have to watch out for on the site is that the "free trial" doesn't buy you the machine. On their website it states "IIf you decide to keep the AB Circle PRO鈩? then it is only 5 easy payments of $39.95. "

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