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1 year ago

You should know this story:
I am Harald Horn from Germany and I found my desired car by searching
Unfortunately Dan Honahan, owner of in Malone,NY,
sold this FORD Fairlane to me as a quality vehicle, but with absolutely false promises regarding the car's state!
All this is documented in the sales negotiations in writing !
And than I got the car as shown in the pictures (have many more) – a disaster – a lot of rust hiding under paint
In Germany such car is not allowed to be driven, it must be restored at very high cost.
When making my purchase decision, I assumed that I would buy a flawless vehicle ready for immediate use,
as described by a reputable salesman who calls himself a restorer and appraiser of long-time experience.
Dan Honahan disclaims any responsibility for this sale and is unwilling to repay a portion of the money
I have paid for and apparently lost. He says the business is not objectionable in the USA !
In Germany such kind of transaction is called deception or fraud, what is it in the US?
If you also think that was indecent, please share this story with friends as a warning for others.
Or do you have an idea to solve this
dispute ?
If you want more information, please feel free to contact me at: kontakt(at)

here are original statements by Dan Honahan, (documented by email) :
We have sold over 1000 classic and muscle cars, in business for 26 years and in restoration for 31 years.
The owner is a classic car appraiser and he does all the major auctions.
If it is here it better be an above average car. This car just went through a thorough 3 hour $1200.
inspection and road test (thats why we have the video) and inspected by a professional inspector for a
collector who would like to own it after he sells his show $50,000 showbike.
It was inspected underside and inside and roadside , up on the lift and road tested and
all the components checked out superbly.

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