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1 year ago

I needed a plumber, went online to Oneflare, who gets you in contact with the trades to do the job. I got a call right away from ABCO Plumbing. I explained what needed to be done (which was to fix a toilets constantly running cistern). The owner, Alex said he would send one of his plumbers around that day as they were doing work in the area. I noticed they were licenced and had very good reviews, so I trusted the service. His employee came over, inspected the toilet, he brought no tools or paperwork other than a fridge magnet (at this point NO work had been done at all), and said he needed a spare part. He called the owner who said he himself would return the following day at between 17:00 and 17:30 (19/11/19) to do the job. After chatting with the owner clarifying what it would cost on the phone, I was instructed to give his plumber $100. I asked for a receipt, and was told he had no paperwork with him, but I would get one when they returned. They never returned or arrived the following day, and will not answer the phone. They have been uncontactable. I have tried calling numerous times over the past day, with their message bank saying this message bank is full, please try again later'. This can only be described as a blatant act of theft.

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