Abcor Home Health Reviews - Abcor Home Health Scam or Legit


1 month ago

It is a very reasonable page to consult with I like very much some good points of dealing with it and I may say it gives me good advices wen I am in deep need of them


5 years ago

I applied on-line for a PT job as an administrative assistant with Abcor Home Health at their location in Rockford, IL. The very next morning, I received a "rejection" notice from someone with an obviously bogus name of "Agnes" telling me I "did not fit their criteria." First of all, how UNPROFESSIONAL is it for someone to NOT sign their FULL REAL NAME on a response in the business world? BOGUS! I have over 40 years experience in a clerical capacity and was perfectly able to perform those job duties. It was an obvious rejection due to AGE DISCRIMINATION! I wouldn't trust my mother to them!

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