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Website: Sacalaz, Main Street, No. 464D Sacalaz 307370 Romania
+40 755 244 547

1 year ago

After evaluating over 30 providers of online forms for a client, stood out from the rest with both their unique functionality (including ability to set conditional field visibility via API), ongoing enhancements and unbeatable service. After working in IT for over 20 years myself, it's great to see experience, passion and ability being offered in unique services which are so competitively priced. But where they really standout is their responsiveness to both problems and feature requests, even well after initial sales. They may not be as established as many of the Gorillas in this space, but for all the above reasons, they are well worth evaluating, especially if you are looking to automate your form generation, or have needs that require more flexibility than is offered elsewhere. This may be my first review here, but I'm compelled by their passion to spread the word.


1 year ago

This is the best all-in-one tool I could find. I was able to collect the data through my form, store the data in their data base and email out from within their program. Super Satisfied!!!

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