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7 years ago

As a regular traveler, it is very rare for me to write a negative review but I feel other people need warning against this company! I booked online with them and paid upfront. The confirmation screen said I would receive a confirmation email, I never did. I then spent the next 3 weeks trying to contact the company via email 1) to get confirmation and 2) to ask them to collect us half an hour earlier on the day of our return…I got no reply. Was getting slightly worried at the prospect of losing over 拢200, so I tried over Facebook instead and eventually got a reply saying everything was fine and I didn't need to worry. They also confirmed the change in return time.

Pick up from the airport was fine. Minibus didn't have enough storage space for all 10 of our cases (despite the fact it was advertised for 12 people) but wasn't a problem, we had to take our cases inside. On the way to our villa (in Cala D'Or, 1 hour from Palma) we broke down…about 10 minutes away from the villa. The driver had been driving in what felt like first gear for the majority of the journey before we rolled to a stop and smoke starting pouring from the engine.

He called 'the office' and we were told that a new minibus had left to come and get us and would be here in 40 minutes. 90 minutes later, (and after a visit from the police!) a new minibus turned up. In the meantime, we had no updates on how much longer we had to wait, there was a strong smell of gas coming from the bus and the driver was leaning over the open bonnet with a cigar hanging out his mouth and ash was dropping into the engine!

The driver put me on the phone to 'Emilia' who claims she is not the manager of the company but appears to be the only employee who speaks any English. I asked whether there would be any compensation for the fact that we were going to arrive at our villa 2 hours late (in the middle of the night). She said that she didn't think so as a breakdown wasn't their fault but that she would 'ask the boss' and email me during the week to let me know what he said. Safe to say, I never heard anything.

On the day of our pick-up, we were due to be collected at 9am. 9.20 came and went and we were still sitting there waiting. I sent an email to ask where they were but heard nothing. I then sent a Facebook message to the company page and could see it had been read. No reply. 15 minutes later I got a phone call from Emilia to tell me that the driver had overslept and was just about to leave Palma (1 hour away from our villa). I explained that this was a really poor service and she said 'I know but its not my fault he got up late'. She also said we were due to be picked up at 9.30am, although I had a confirmation email from them stating that the time of pick up had been changed to 9am and this was fine. We ended up waiting over 2 HOURS for the driver to collect us. When he arrived, he stayed in the minibus…did not even say 'hello' let alone apologise and watched as we struggled to load all of our bags into the back of the van ourselves.

He then drove like an absolute MANIAC to Palma. Way over the speed limit, went through at least 10 red lights, almost hit a cyclist (we had to literally shout to tell him the cyclist was there as he wasn't checking his mirrors) and was on his phone for the majority of the journey speaking in very angry Spanish! I wonder whether he had genuinely overslept or whether the company had just forgotten about us and sent him out at the last minute. He didn't understand where we wanted to be dropped off (the central train station in Palma…not that difficult to find) so we ended up having a tour round and round Palma in the van trying to find it.

By the time we arrived, we virtually had to turn around and go straight to the airport anyway. All I can say is THANK GOD we had an evening flight and had booked an early transfer…if we'd been using them to get to a flight, we'd undoubtedly have missed it.

If I could give this company 0 stars I would, but its not possible. The only positive thing I have to say is that Emilia said I would get a refund for the second journey (seeing as we were 3 hours late due to them) and they did pay this back.

Other than that, they are a truly terrible company. Rude, unapologetic and just generally don't seem to care one bit what your experience of their company is once you've paid. My advice – find a company that will accept payment when they actually turn up!!!


8 years ago

Book my transfers to Majorca through their website. we did not have any problem. The driver was prompt and friendly. The service was private, direct and best of all its cheap price.
I recommend it

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