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Website: One Silverdome Industrial Park Pontiac 48343-6001 United States

9 months ago

Website processes payment, but does not tell you that they don't have what you order or when they will have it. They are too eager to process your credit card, but can't tell you when they will have the merchandise. This business is scandalous


2 years ago

I bought the Natuzzi Leather Sofa for ABC warehouse, also got leather protection plan for 150 dollars. To my dismay within 3 months sofa started sagging and leather is cracking up called up store who did nothing about it Store General Manager was so rude and in professional, advice everyone to be cautious in buying anything from them and beware of this leather warranty scam


4 years ago

I purchased a whirlpool refrigerator from ABC Warehouse. It was $100.00 to be delivered. The fridge was to be off white. It came with the freezer door more yellowish, and the fridge door more tanish. They took that one back, sent another, but same thing. So I told them I didn't want that fridge. They had me come in to get my refund, but would not refund the delivery charge. I let them know it was not my fault the fridge was not correct, salesman said they won't refund delivery charges. So won't shop there again.


6 years ago

Lowest price Guarantee my butt! I saw an item in their weekly flyer for a Dash Cam I was interested in, sale price was $69 , the exact same item on ebay was $12.85, I printed the page from ebay, took it to the store, showed the guy in electronics, who acted at first like he was going to match the price until he saw it was an ebay seller, then he told me that ebay is not a certifiable seller. Went on ABC's web site & sent in a complaint & received this response, "Joe Brewster
To Me Oct 23 at 5:39 PM
He wanted us to sell him a $79 camera for an eBay price of $12 !!!!!!!
What a joker

Sent from my iPhone"

When I questioned them on the response I was told that ebay is a not brick and mortar certifiable retailer, besides I wouldn't even get a factory waranty even afdter I showed them the ebay ad "All the products we are selling include factory warranty, don't cover items that have been abused, burned and damaged in any form." They flat out refuse to honor their " Assurance policy" which reads "We are so sure that our deals are better, that we issue you a $1000 Assurance Policy that assures you WE BEAT ALL DEALS or you receive a thousand dollars." All I got was "randy novenske
To Me Oct 23 at 7:44 PM
Dear Mr. Waldroup: I apologize if Mr.Brewster was less then professional,
I understand that you were asking for our salesman to match a price off EBay which is not an "authorized dealer" of new products as our price assurance policy stipulates for the ability to have the price beaten. ..

Respectfully, Randy Novenske Region Manager"
No price match, no thousand dollars.
Save your self the head aches, most of their stuff is factory refurbished anyway. Do your shopping at Sears or Lowes Or Home depot even Walmart.

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