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5 months ago

Ordered one of their telescopes August 19th and it arrived September 14th. Haven't had a chance to test it fully, but for 拢47 I don't expect much and hope I will be pleasantly surprised. It is tiny – about 7 inches by 3 inches, but at least it's here and shows that it's not a complete scam. Comms could've been better. They only told me they were having stock issues when I chased them up.


5 months ago

I followed a link from Facebook to buy a telescope, and, after about a month, a completely different, dysfunctional product arrived. It didn鈥檛 even look like the one they were advertising, and had none of the advertised functionality. Their customer services in China told me that there was no point in trying to return it because I would have to pay the shipping (contrary to the policy on their website) – and that I should give it away as a gift if I didn鈥檛 like it!

They are guilty of false advertising, lying about their returns policy, and are clearly a scam website. Do not buy from them under any circumstances.

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