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7 months ago

Abecast.com scam website

Bought a tool in January and was sent a Chinese knock off Ray Ban sunglasses. It's June 29th and still getting B.S. from the scam co. The offered 70% refund. Now it's 60%.


11 months ago

Dewalt Circular Saw Stand

Ordered Circular Saw Stand, received email order confirmation. I contacted the service after I'd not received item for almost 2 months and they sent me a tracking that a 5oz item was sent when it is so clear that the item that I ordered should be about 40Lbs


1 year ago

Never ships out

I ordered power tools and given a fake tracking number through 17track.net. Supposedly shipped out from China. Says it was delivered. I have cameras all around my house, it never was. I believe it never shipped out to begin with. Stay away.


1 year ago

Fraud attempt

Ordered power tools, received email order confirmation and noticed that I had entered my phone number incorrectly. The only contact on the confirmation was an email address which I used to send my correct phone number. After a couple of days without a response I went to the website for a phone number. I've been calling the phone number for days with no answer. I checked my credit card account and there is a charge from China on the same day but for a dissimilar amount for a purchase of cosmetics that I didn't make. I have alerted my credit card company of potential fraud attempt. BTW, I ran the phone number on Google and it comes up with different company names on several scam sites.


1 year ago

Phone does not answer, purchase confirmation not sent

After purchasing item for price to good to be true I decided to try to make contact without success. Never confirmed purchase to my email, but charged debit card $50.95 as NEXT LEVEL VENTURES FU 4052543091 IA. They are using a domain protection service to hide their identity as well.

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