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4 years ago

I signed up with one company for the 'free gift' with only the postal charges to pay but surprise, now I have two companies charging me products. the abella (billed belleskincare- with a return address in north york Ontario Canada have sent the initial gift-two products and secondly a duplicate of only one of the products. the other company, dewskincare has billed twice but not sent anything. Calls to both companies have identical answering service and the call is dropped to leave a message after just a couple of minutes. the abellamayfair has a customer support e-mail address but am not sure if I will ever get a response.


4 years ago

I arranged to have a free beauty product (90 second rapid wrinkle control) send to my home and paid $4.75 shipping and handling fees. About 3 weeks later I notice my credit card had been charged $155.50 Canadian. When I spoke to the company about this they said I obviously had not read the fine print which says that if you do not return the product within 15 days you will be charged $99.95 every month. They do not send any other product for this monty $99.95 fee.

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