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1 year ago

I have not used Stevan Abelson's test prep service, but I needed to write this review because I wanted to let the world know how dishonest this individual is.

First of all, it's possible that he is lying about his job experience. I had him as a teacher at the College of Saint Rose, and he taught one of my school psychology classes as an ADJUNCT professor. If he really is an adjunct professor for special education, I have no idea what in the world he was doing teaching in the College of Saint Rose's school psychology program. On that baiss alone, Saint Rose should lose their certification for their scholl psychology program.

In addition, during my class, Stevan Abelson abused this poor guy in class because he was disabled from pain. Abelson encouraged other students to abuse him because he needed a break. it was a long class. He also made him explain why he needed a break and reveal his physical disability to the other students, which is illegal. I'm surprised the College of Saint Rose has anyone going to that school after that.

I witnessed it all, and I felt very bad for the student in class who had to suffer at his hands. Abelson's website is all about serving the needs of disabled students. i would not trust this man to teach anyone anything, especially a special needs student, for which he does not really have the education or training.

If you do have a special needs student, it's better to get someone who has their education in the subject rather than Abelson, who is an administrator and a poor teacher who violates students' rights.

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