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7 months ago

A&F online is an object lesson in how to destroy a brand in double-quick time through stupidity.

Ordered some swimming trunks which were described as having a mesh liner. On receiving them found out they actually had a cycling short stitched inside shorts – so giving a feeling of wearing two pairs of shorts at the same time – the last thing you'd want to do when the weather is hot enough to go swimming!

The material of the inner was like lycra and in no way could be referred to as a mesh that you get on swimming trunks which is loose fitting, breathable and lightweight.

Contacted A&F as the item was misdescribed for a refund, was told by 'Christian' that I could return to a shop for a refund. Closest shop is in London, 60 miles away / 拢40 round trip. And it's closed due to the coronavirus. I pointed this out, to which he wrote back saying, that he'd like to be more helpful but couldn't and they would be charging 拢9 to return the shorts. I replied to say that was unreasonable – at that point there was no further communication back from A&F.

A&F are trying to operate in contravention of UK Consumer Law. It's pretty shameful. I will obviously never even look at site again. I've filed a claim with PayPal – if anyone is determined to buy anything from A&F online then I would suggest you pay with PayPal so they can deal with your dispute on your behalf.


10 months ago

Excellent quality amazing style, I have been buying from them for over five years and I absolutely love it!


1 year ago

We bought a coat from A&F UK for my daughter. However, when it arrived it was clear that it was completely unsuitable as it is a thin, fashion item, not a proper winter coat. Therefore I made a return using their online form. You are entitled to return items under the Distance Selling laws for a full refund provided you notify them within 14 days of the day after receiving the item and pay the postage yourself. I was surprised to note that on the form they have a European address for returns under these laws, when the item was despatched from a UK address and the returns address for faulty items etc is also a UK address. This seems to be a deliberate attempt to deter people from exercising their legal rights.

Also if you return an item as faulty they charge an administrative fee and do not refund the postage either, neither of which are lawful under the Consumer Rights Act 2016.

I have reported them to Trading Standards but I would advise that you avoid this company.


1 year ago

Non existent customer service and very poor product. Very thin material, looks used, wash labels in Chinese and draw strings feel and look very cheap.


2 years ago

Great clothes with pristine quality. A&F is probably my fovourite online shopping website. Takes a week or less to arrive and very good customer service. The clothes always fit well and are comfortable.


3 years ago

I am in the USA on holiday and wanted to buy an A&F hoodie. No store around.
Looked online. The actual one I wanted was $50 discounted to $23-20.
I attempted to order but they do not ship to uk, Russia Israel anywhere but uk. I realise that is because A&F choose to rip off uk customers.
A chat line had opened up on the website he told me to call a particular number and order. I did,the price came up much more, but the operator agreed to waive shipping and discount by 30%, and $23vs $90 so total 拢40. No brainier.
However the email arrived saying 拢65.
Sent email A&F saw nothing wrong with this robbery.
If you want to be ripped off and pay nearly 4 times what US and citizens of other countries pay or AVOID AVOID AVOID


3 years ago

Top quality and stunning trends, was never disappointed in any way and I'm always keeping an eye on there newest stuff.


3 years ago

Shocking customer service, I paid through paypal which adds the delivery address. Got a confirmation email to a completely different address. Contact them as soon as I got this which was on a Saturday evening so it wasn't like it would get shipped out till Monday so plenty of time. They said it was processed so couldn't do anything.

They told me to contact Royal Mail. As if RM would help as they legally have to deliver it to the address that Abercrombie provided. They couldn't contact them on behalf of Abercrombie.

PayPal gives them the delivery address, luckily this adds buyer protection, but would avoid them completely. Any issues and you won't get your money back.

1st purchase from them and also the last, get better service from budget brands like Primark. Paying all that money and getting terrible customer service is pretty surprising to be honest.

They can keep all their stupid topless, fake pretentious models and avoid dealing with such a poor experience and waste of time. Clearly a foreign call centre who have no escalation process or involvement in the company.


3 years ago

This store has a very trendy selection of tops & bottoms.
I just wish their sizes were similar to other US clothing stores… it feels like a hit & miss sometimes.


4 years ago

I already own a good fitting pair of track pants from A&F which needs replacing. I bought two different styles online.

The one style was terribly short on the inside leg and the other pair was too tight in the knees. Both had to be returned.

The delivery lead time was like waiting for the milk train deliveries.

A disappointing experience all round.


4 years ago

I wasn't blown away by the online service nor did I find any great prices. Just a shop that sells what it sells at (and over) the average price.


5 years ago

My jacket (because of a defect) got swapped 2 times, and when I should receive the new jacket the 3 time – the jacket gotlost in the mail and it is over a month ago.

A & F will not give me the money back or deliver another ???

I can not under any circumstances recommend others to shop there.


6 years ago

I am a big fan of Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, they always look great. Prices can sometimes be too expensive, however, the quality is there.

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