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5 months ago

Booked a flight on Emirates Airline through them – espensive – had to cancel due to Covid – Promised refund in 6-8 weeks – now been over 10 weeks – agent says it is an "accounting issue" – manager no help. I'm sure Emirates refunded A&K – but A&K refuses to do as they promised and refund my money back to me. Very poor form


6 months ago

Got there eventually on a credit note due to COVID disruption.

Next time less stress and hassle please!


7 months ago

In January, I booked a custom itinerary for a family of five to Spain and Portugal, with travel scheduled for August 2020. We purchased Guest Protection Program insurance. We preferred to purchase the Cancel for Any Reason insurance, but we were told that service was not available to residents of NY. As the due date of our second deposit approached, Europe was in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic and NY, where we reside, was rapidly heading up the curve. We called and emailed A&K to tell them we wished to cancel our trip. We were told 鈥淎&K is continually monitoring the updates on COVID 19, and as you can imagine this changes daily. As it currently stands we have postponed our journeys until May 31, 2020. Any departures after that our standard cancellation penalties apply.鈥?We lost 10% of the value of our trip and the full cost of the insurance, or more than $9K, per the terms of the contract. We were told that the only way that we would be eligible for a full refund was if A&K canceled the trip. That was the end of March. We were left with the choice to make another installment payment and possibly deal with an even greater loss if we decided to cancel OR lose the $9K. We were also given the option to keep more than $18K paid thus far as 鈥淢oney in House,鈥?essentially a credit toward a future trip to be taken within 12 months. We informed A&K that we did not want to put an additional deposit toward a trip that we were not certain would be safe and did not wish to leave the full amount that we had paid to date with A&K for a year, during which time we were not certain when or if we would be able to travel again. A&K refunded us in accordance with the contract. So why am I posting? I would like all potential customers to be aware of all the fine details in the contract, to calculate potential losses should you wish to cancel your trip for reasons as extraordinary and unanticipated as a pandemic, and be aware that A&K is going to be completely inflexible on their refund policies.

Note: We booked our trip through A&K鈥檚 US office in Chicago. This review does not apply to their UK parent.


8 months ago

June 1st, 2020 cancelled a trip to Egypt & Jordan due to COVID 19 concerns. To my great shock, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks for A&K to process the return of my monies (over $20K). Now I am not stupid….it does not take that long to enter my credit card in their machine and hit the button "refund money".
I asked the agent if I was booking a new trip and needed to make the required deposit, how long would it take them to process my payment….her quick response was "oh, it would be done immediately!" The takeaway is that when A&K wants money…that transaction can be done immediately….but when the guest wants a return of their money…..gee that transaction takes 4-6 weeks.
It is obviously NOT a priority to return money to a guest. It's best for them to have my money sitting in their bank account. You have to wonder….what else is not a priority for A&K?


8 months ago

I tried to cancel my trip do the pandemic, wasn't comfortable going to a 3rd world nation given the seriousness of the situation. Given that American Airlines, Southwest, W Hotels and Hilton all refunded my reservations, I found it odd that they wouldn't do the same. Here's what I got back in response
So sorry about that! Not sure what happened. As I started to say, I鈥檓 looking after Lauren鈥檚 files while she is away on personal leave. As of today, A&K still intends to operate all of our programs scheduled to begin August 1, 2020 and later. This would include the South Africa & Victoria Falls program on which you are booked.

As such, we have the following options 鈥?br />

Postpone travel 鈥?If you would like to rebook onto a new program, I can easily transfer the deposit and insurance premium to a new reservation to travel by December 31, 2021. If you鈥檙e not sure yet about which program you鈥檇 like to take or when you鈥檇 like to travel, we can hold the deposit and insurance premiums as a credit for you to use on a program to travel by December 31, 2021. This is the only option to avoid cancellation fees and retain the use of travel insurance.

Cancel under penalties 鈥?At this time, we are 87 days away from departure, so the cancel fee would be 20% of the program price. Since you have only paid deposit thus far, that deposit would be forfeited. This would be a normal cancellation fee, and it could not be applied to another program. Insurance is non-refundable 10 days after purchase, so it would also be a loss. That being said, you do have the cancellation for any reason upgrade on this reservation, so you could submit a claim and be reimbursed up to 75% of the cancel fees.

I had even bought insurance although not sure what it's for. Given something like this you'd think they'd refund the monies. Would NEVER recommend them, but would recommend companies listed above. Not only did Hilton cancel my reservations, they gave me one heck of a deal to go to Hawaii



10 months ago

Stay away From A&K
Our family has used A&K for over 30 years. I believe that the company leadership has changed this year for much worse. We planned a trip to Puglia, Italy and Sardinia from April 9th to April 27th 2020. The pandemic hit and we knew in late February that we could not go as my husband is immunocompromised because he has leukemia and bone marrow transplant x2. We asked A&K to cancel our trip and refund. They refused. In late march after daily calls and discussions they still refused to cancel as that would have triggered a complete refund. As Italy was declared zone 4-no travel they told us that they will refund most of our money minus $9500 in penalties. As of April 1 they still did not commit to canceling the trip. We had other trips planned with other companies later this year and all refunded without questions asked. The travel insurane we got through them will not cover these penalties because for residents in NY specifically pandemics and terrorism is excluded as a condition for coverage. A&K values their own finances above the well being of their customers. We will never use them again. When one plans a trip, circumstances do occurr that a cancellation is in order. Should it happen to you -A&K is not there to help you. They will gouge you without apologies.


2 years ago

Excellent Service and Tour Directors. Highly recommend!


2 years ago

Stay away! Had the misfortune of entrusting Chris Hamlin from Abercrombie & Kent UK to organise our honeymoon to Tanzania and Zanzibar. 10 days trip, paid 7.3k GBP for two people, Excluding the flights to/from Tanzania. In Zanzibar we were placed to a dilapidated 3* star hotel with sea water in the shower, no air conditioning and poor Wi-fi connection. In the 鈥榣uxury honeymoon itinerary鈥?brochure compiled by Mr Hamlin, the hotel was described as an 鈥榠deal retreat for those looking for that extra special honeymoon or a holiday with an air of exclusivity鈥? The fact that the hotel was of mere 3 stars and is missing air conditioning was omitted from the brochure.
Upon return, we contacted Mr Hamlin and requested a breakdown of the costs of our trip as after checking online the prices of the places we stayed at the numbers failed to add up. Mr Hamlin referred us to an equally unhelpful Mr Craig Masters who argued that the hotel was a valuable addition to their portfolio and refused to provide any breakdown. Moreover, he advised that for our budget that hotel was our best shot…Disappointing experience but a good life lesson…


2 years ago

Abercrombie have always been a company that I have really respected and wanted to do well. I like the family ethos and have always been very impressed with their marketing. I did not want to write this review, however, I have been so disappointed that I feel that I have to. We have just arrived at our hotel booked by Abercrombie in Cape Cod and the room was terrible, it was filthy, stained, incredibly damaged and stank from dog wee (the tenant downstairs had a dog which continuously barked for the time we were in the room). I then was told that the property had a 3 star rating which I had no idea about. I would like to stress that this level of filth and smell would be unacceptable in any standard of hotel. Abercrombie did contact the hotel and they offered to move us into a new room, hence the 2 star rating rather than 1, however, we had completely lost faith in the property and just wanted to move. We genuinely are not big complainers and the only time this has happened to us previously was about 7 years ago when travelling with LWC (who we use a lot and are excellent), LWC moved us immediately at no extra cost and never involved us with any discussions regarding them getting their money back from the hotel. Abercrombie completely acknowledged that they should not have booked this hotel, however, unfortunately said they could not cover the cost of moving us as they had booked the current hotel and may not get their money back. If we wanted to move we would have to lose all the money we had paid and then rebook the new hotel at the book price (I know this as I rang and checked the price). My kids are now 5 and 7 and although I really rate LWC I thought that Abercrombie may be better for the more adventurous holidays that we are looking to book over the next 10 years. I always say that you only really get to know a company when you have an issue. Unfortunately Abercrombie have not lived up to their 'luxury brand' image at all and have provided service that I simply would not have expected.


11 years ago

Official website of Abercrombie & Kent …

Is Abercrombie & Kent legit or scam? Can I trust Abercrombie & Kent?

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