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11 months ago

I paid for a personal reading I believe in 2007 and for some reason I didn't fully read it when I got the report. I think what discouraged me was the length of the report (over a 100 pages). Today 27th February 2020 I was deleting documents I felt I no longer needed and stumbled on Jenna's report and I was amazed at the accuracy of her readings of my personality. They were up to 90% correct. I now wonder why I didn't read it fully 13 years ago. Her report described me in very uncanny details. I am surprised she is being described as a fraud. Different strokes for different people. if she is still around I will do it again.


3 years ago

3 years letter.. do you remember me jenna.. i'm so sory about your email.. today i read your email after 3 years u send to me.. my english languge not bad.. hope u understand.. can u help me jenna.. [email protected]


6 years ago

My experience has been very positive and I
received a very detailed report each time I
sent funds.
Jenna to me is genuine!!!!!
I would do it again.


6 years ago

Much like other online psychics or the other one mentioned on this site Tara the Medium this one gives you a free initial reading. It's long winded, confusing as she talks about various signs and planets and what not. It's also basically a longer, more advanced version of Tara's reading. She hits some high points (you've already given her a clue to your biggest issue by requesting the reading) so she hones in on that, gives some good and then starts hinting at the bad or what needs to be cleansed that she can only do with a second reading for $79.

She was throwing in things about things progressing in my love life that will help with my financial worries…that was the first tip-off because I'm not expecting any change in that area because I already don't need or want that hassle.

The reading is very confusing given that most people won't understand about planets and signs and all that other stuff. It was just interesting that she and 'Tara' hit the same things in basically the same tone. On other reporting sites there are people complaining how her readings were the same to one person as they were to their partner and the usual so I'd be cautious before giving this one money.


6 years ago

Find this fraud's links and keep clicking them to pump up his Adword costs. Send the links of the pages to your friends so they can click, click, click away at his bank account.


6 years ago

I have also been intrigued by this Jenna lady. Kept receiving emails from her about this stupid transit period. I eventually followed her link to my own "personalized" page and then followed another link that took me to a nice little form to fill out requesting money in order to get a more in depth reading from her. i then saw that she was online available to chat and she greeted me first. I thanked her for her review but advised that I could not afford her $80 Fee which is more than R800 for me. She then proceeded to tell me that i cannot waste this opportunity and should make a plan to get the money for the reading. I told her i was not prepared to spend that much money on something that has a good chance of not even being true.
She then nicely disappeared….


7 years ago

I put no stars! This is a fraudulent person taking advantage. I was duped. I didn't check it out first because a friend referred me (and she hadn't done her chart yet). Jenna wis not genuine. It's all boiler plate bull hockey! She will insist on keeping your money, after you discover the fraud when you receive the 'reading.' I have taken up the matter with my credit card company (quality concern). This is a shameful scam. Be Forewarned!


8 years ago

There showed up on my computer a letter from an Astrolgist- lady called Jenna telling a lot of things- finally she directs you to a personal website set up for your case and where she wants cash to be transferred from your bank account. Looking on Google I found out that Jenna is also a fraud. She charges 60 to 80 $ for her predictions and people found out that everybody receives the same letters. So take care, log such mails directly as SPAM in gmail and delete them from your computer. One should have the power to persecute the servers which distribute this spam and scam and confiscate all equipment by police forces. The Scammers used in this case a site called messaging-master.net to distribute this spam. We need to clean out the Internet from such scammers urgently. If we can catch the Internet servers or close them down because of fraud, scammin and spamming would be great.


11 years ago

This site offers to do a free reading, so there is a nice quick turnaround with a very very positive, too good to be true letter asking you to send a sum of money. Fortunately i didn't as it sounded too good to be true, I decided to look Google round and found tons of reviewers who all think 'Jenna' is a fraudster and a scam artist. Definitely rave reviews, just of the more negative kind ha ha.


12 years ago

Not a trustworthy site – Having looked through at many of these psychic/astrological sites, I decided to get a free reading from this 'jenna at astro.com'.
This first free reading seemed very good and hooked me in to pay for my own personal report. I sent my money and was assured of a two day turn around for a 'comprehensive response'. Since then I have heard nothing, despite sending at least 20 emails. I have no other way of contacting this site, unless of course someone out there knows of a way of contacting these scam artists, as I can only imagine that this site is completely fabricated.

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