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3 years ago

while looking at FB notifications a flashing screen popped up saying I was being blocked. The screen had a Microsoft logo so thought it was legit. In a panic I called the number provided. A person named Max talked me into giving him access to my computer showing me everything he had found that needed to be fixed immediately. He talked so fast with a middle eastern accent, most of my time was spent trying to understand him. then gave my credit card info (was still in panic mode} so he could charge me$ 399.99 for "fixing my computer". That was last Tues.
This week has been busy cleaning up, making changes on this computer and contacting the credit card co who has started an investigation on this company trying to get a refund.
Have spent many sleepless nites since this started and still stressed out about this whole experience, but now have Lifelock so I can get and keep a handle on my personal business out here amongst the hackers (sigh).


3 years ago

The techs from My Computer Works are absolutely outstanding. Theyre always able to help. When I've requested for service, my experience has always been very pleasant and prompt. Recently, my machine operating system was corrupted somehow and they took care of it for me. Their tech was very knowledgeable and he was able to fix my machine and get me on the road again. I really appreciate Adam who educated me each and everything. Thank you so much again for all the help.



4 years ago

Something pop up on my laptop with a serious note and to resolve it, to call a number on the number listed as a Microsoft number. A Indian guy call and was name Sam. When he start mentioning about Absolute softech, I should have cancel but he mention that they are a part of the microsoft company that microsoft outsource. He got me to signed a legal doucument that he will be paid for the source and no legal repercussion. Their website look legit. They went into my computer. The stuff they did, I could have done myself. They download a free norton antivirus and input a email address that have part of my name. It never really accept it. After it happen, I did some research and realize I have been scam. I changed my card number, all my password, and put fraud alert on my credit. It has been a year and the guy called and I told him no. Because I signed that contract and he actually did service that I could have done myself, I couldn't do anything.

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