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1 year ago

Take it from me, you are wasting your money. I am a person who has had numerous readings with almost every 鈥榩sychic鈥?through this service and I am 100% certain that there is no such thing as a person who can predict the future. The psychics claim to be accurate鈥? however, not one reading has ever came true. So as a customer I can say that I wish I never believed the claims that they offer accurate readings from genuine psychics because this is not correct and I have yet had one person who claims to be psychic actually be correct in the predictions.

When people have studied psychology and counselling , this knowledge should be used to improve a person鈥檚 mental health. With so much focus on depression, suicide, addiction and other mental health problems it is morally wrong to even have these sort of services. Psychic addiction is real and up there with poker machine addiction which can financially ruin a person and increase mental health problems. Would a psychologist advise a person to use psychic lines? I think not. Yes it is my fault that I spent the money, however does that mean I should be stopped from giving a review of my accurate experiences. My advice, keep your money. Whatever happens, happens and someone telling you otherwise just plays with your mind and creates confusion.
I have provided proof to trustpilot for the readings and met all the requirements to publish this review. People can make up their own minds. Oh and my name is not Jean or Teresa. Wrong again.

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